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Goal Digger LIVE Retreat I Denver, Colorado

Business Power-Planning Getaway I December 9-10, 2017

Sis, are you ready to set breakthrough business goals for a FOCUSED, CLEAR, POWERFUL, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE year? Let's get it.

Makisha Boothe Rapid Improvement Business Coach

Makisha Boothe

Rapid Improvement Coach

Makisha spends her days coaching new and veteran entrepreneurs across multiple industries, and helping them get clear on strategy, execution and their roadmap to profitability.


1.5 days of reflection, restoration and preparation!

  • 12/9 8A-5P
  • 12/10 9A-11A 
  • Denver, Colorado



Using my Goal Digger Framework, together, we will : 

  • Develop a short but impactful set of goals that you will focus on AND decide what you’ll unapologetically say NO to next year. 
  • Backwards-map an action plan with monthly deadlines and benchmarks for the year ahead.
  • Develop a simple routine that you can stick to for tracking progress, combating distractions, and measuring success.

Seriously though: 

Had enough of busy-bee frustration? Then it's time to harness the power of focus and stop being the "yes" woman who has to juggle everything and offer every solution to everyone! 

Tired of the uncertainty about your business's future? Then it's time to build that laid-out business plan with clear vision, specific goals and a solid progress-monitoring plan, and actually start implementing it! 

Have you had it with those goals that are never quite met? You know, the ones derailed by thousands of unexpected complications that inevitably came your way in 2016. Let’s get you back on track in 2018, Sis! 

Any of these sound familiar? Then the Goal Digger LIVE RETREAT is for you! 

Even when you know where you’re taking your business, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and whether it will all get done in time! You need a clear path and plan with deadlines!

Sistahpreneurs business training for Black women entrepreneurs.


Goal Digger LIVE Retreat in Denver, Colorado 

Here is what we'll cover: 

Day 1 Morning: Create Your North Star. Leave this session crystal clear on your business vision for the 2018 year. 

Day 1 Morning: Set Business Goals & Objectives. There is a difference between goals and objectives. You’ll leave this session with both outlined.  

Day 1 Afternoon: Create Your 12-Month Action Plan. I’m a nitty-gritty kind of girl. You’ll leave with monthly deliverables for the year.

Day 2 Morning: Measure & Monitor Progress. No point building all these great goals and objectives if you don’t track and measure success. You’ll leave with a plan to do both. 

Day 2 Afternoon: Girlfriend's Spa Day (optional and not included in cost)

PLUS: Register by November 15 for these EARLY BIRD "Goal" Nugget Bonuses: 

  • BONUS: A custom designed Digital Vision Board: your own goals and vision mapped out on a colorful, graphically recorded poster. 
  • BONUS: Sunrise Yoga or Meditation (You Choose)
  • BONUS: Wine Down SistahCircle (Saturday Evening)

NOT INCLUDED: Registration does not include costs for lodging, transportation or air. 

Register TODAY! Includes breakfast and lunch on day 1, and access to morning meditation and yoga and the full Goal Digger toolkit.  

Grab BLACK FRIDAY DEAL and get 3 FREE Business Planners: Social Media Planner, Blog Planner and a Passive Income Planner. TODAY ONLY!



Yep, you can plan alone -- but why would you when you can have other like-minded, business-savvy, go-getter sistahpreneurs brainstorm and plan alongside you.

Sistahpreneur Business Bestie

To go faster, stop running. You've got to slow down, get your foundation right and make sure all of the pieces of your plan fit together to make your money machine run. 

Don’t let the typical Goal Trolls stop you from crossing that bridge to entrepreneurial success... 

Troll 1: Goals with no vision or strategy. You’re working hard on the things that don’t lead to results or your ultimate objectives! 

Troll 2: Goals with no plan. You’ve got a GREAT north star but no starting point or GPS! 

Troll 3: Goal overload. Girl, you are doing too much! 

Troll 4: Wack goals. You’ve got plans - but you’re not inspired or they aren’t bold! 

Troll 5: Goal biting. You’ve got goals that someone else created for you. Get your own, Sis! 

Troll 6: Distractions. You let things get in the way of building powerful daily momentum!

Goal Digger participants report higher levels of organization, focus, less stress and more clarity in their work!


See what actual attendees have to say:

"Every year I set goals that I struggle the remainder of the year to accomplish. Largely because I don't have a clear and realistic plan. This year, I registered for Goal Digger and the time we spent together was so amazing! I left feeling not just motivated, but PREPARED!" - Kadija Sesay, Ion Real Estate

Attend and receive the complete Goal Digger Strategic Planning Toolkit!

Stop putting yourself last!

  • You know that you'll need to plan right if you want a profitable year for your business.
  • You know it will be harder to map the year out if you don't get away.
  • You know that by end of year you'll be ready for some restoration, reflection and me-time. 
  • Let Goal Digger be your pathway to powerful planning and preparation. 

You got this, Sis. 

I want to guarantee an intimate, small group experience. So don’t wait, registrations are going quickly! 

Goal Digger Business Planning Retreat

Sistahpreneurs Client Testimony:

Years ago, when I first began my business journey I was excited and felt unstoppable, but as time passed and life happened, I put it on the back burner where it laid dormant until Makisha founded Sistahpreneurs. It is refreshing to have access to articles, posts, and videos which speak directly to my experience and feelings. Makisha understands the emotional, financial and professional toll a business can have on us. However, she also understands the cause of the strain and how to minimize it. After working with her, it felt like a weight was lifted because she helped clarify my goals, define my purpose and re-imagine the potential outcomes.

My outlook is changed and I'm once again excited about the direction of my business and the realization of my goals. As Makisha reminded me, "You have something people need, our kids need. You have to do this."