Hey Sis!  We're excited that you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Sistahbiz Global Network. It's a beautiful thing when Black women who value excellence and community wealth-building can come together. The ambassador role is an amazing opportunity to be a part of our work to grow the largest power network of Black women entrepreneurs on the globe.

As an ambassador, you're committed to the following types of activities:

  • Hosting local business networking and training events
  • Posting news/updates from your region in the Global Facebook Group weekly
  • Leading activities like quarterly business challenges and book club meetings
  • Writing quarterly blog posts for Sistah.biz and going live on Facebook as an office hours expert
  • Recruiting local members to your local Sistahbiz tribe and promoting virtual events

All ambassadors will be invited to attend an exclusive Ambassador Business Retreat with the Sistahbiz Leadership Team... and much more!

If you have any questions please email team@sistah.biz.

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