5 Business Model Changes that Can Generate More Revenues

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Your business is going nowhere fast without a profitable and sustainable business model. Thinking more about the model – the value proposition, customer avatar, channels, revenue streams and other model components is key to your success. Many great business ideas die because the model was wrong – pricing, delivery, messaging the offer, wrong customer target,…

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5-Step Formula for Pricing Your Product

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I personally know the anxiety that comes with pricing your product and having to negotiate that price. If you’re not a born saleswoman who lives for the challenge of negotiation, easily finds your way to the best price with a customer, and has no problem raising prices, you GO girl. For many of us, though,…

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6 Shifts Black Women Can Make to Play Big in Business

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As a Black female entrepreneur, I can relate to what it’s like when you haven’t been taught to play big in business or exposed to wealth and entrepreneurship. Sometimes you feel left in the dark about what money moves will shift your small-time hustle to big dough and big business. Everything in you tells you that…

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3 Rookie Moves to Avoid On Your Startup Journey

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Rookie Move #1: Overspending. In the early days of a risky startup, the last thing we Black female entrepreneurs want to do for an unproven business model, particularly for new entrepreneurs, is shell out a bundle of dough for overhead and startup. Small business is tough. You’ll need to spend every penny wisely in order…

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Goal Trolls: The Beasts that Block Your Business Growth

Goal Setting for Black Women Entrepreneurs

As a business coach, I’ve found that goal-setting isn’t a foreign strategy for Black women entrepreneurs – in fact, it’s commonly accepted that goal-setting and strategic planning are critical for business growth. However, few small business owners take the time to set goals effectively, and many fail to engage in accountability rituals that help them…

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The 14-Day Google Challenge

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Girl, get focused. Get organized. Get it done. Get sanity. Get your time back, honey.   How? Get Google.   I was conducting my normal end of year strategic planning process. As part of the process, I typically look at what I can reorganize in my life for higher levels of efficiency in the new…

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