5 Business Model Changes that Can Generate More Revenues

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Your business is going nowhere fast without a profitable and sustainable business model. Thinking more about the model – the value proposition, customer avatar, channels, revenue streams and other model components is key to your success. Many great business ideas die because the model was wrong – pricing, delivery, messaging the offer, wrong customer target,…

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7 Tips For Charging What You’re Worth

Black Women Charging Their Worth

Sis, are you struggling with charging what you are worth? Remember, you are not in business if you give away services and products – you’re only in business when you sell products and services. It’s your job to sell. If you’re not selling, it’s a hobby. If profit isn’t a goal, then start a non-profit,…

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4 Emotions In the Way of Your Black Woman Millionaire Status

Black woman entrepreneur fears

Emotion #1: Fear. Successful entrepreneurs take risks. They are typically calculated risks, but risks nonetheless. Sometimes you have got to trust the God-sent intuition that sits in your gut. Of course risk-taking alone won’t get you to where you want to be, but speaking up, stepping up, going against the grain, doing things differently, being…

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3 Rookie Moves to Avoid On Your Startup Journey

black female entrepreneurs

Rookie Move #1: Overspending. In the early days of a risky startup, the last thing we Black female entrepreneurs want to do for an unproven business model, particularly for new entrepreneurs, is shell out a bundle of dough for overhead and startup. Small business is tough. You’ll need to spend every penny wisely in order…

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Winners Stay 10 Steps Ahead: Speed and Agility in Business

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Successful businesses create systems and cycles for continuous improvement in their business that ensure that their products and services get better and better quickly. They don’t fix things that they would like to fix – they fix things that the customer tells them to fix. They are beasts about using customer feedback to make rapid…

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