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Quit Flying Solo: Tips for Building Partnerships

Stop flying solo, Sis. There are many ways to connect with other professionals and entrepreneurs to lighten the load, streamline efforts, share resources, and find others who will simply have your back during the struggle. These partnerships can propel your business to success.

6 Shifts You Can Make to Play Big in Business!

As a Black female entrepreneur, I can relate to what it’s like when you haven’t been taught to play big in business or exposed to wealth and entrepreneurship. Sometimes you feel left in the dark about what money moves will shift your small-time hustle to big dough and big business.

Build Your Sales Funnel Planner

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Generating web traffic

Building a profitable email list

Designing an automated email series

Setting up FB ads

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Monetize your blog.

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Create a crystal clear vision for your business, the clients whom you'll serve and the products and services that you will sell.

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