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#GirlGoGoogle Black Female Entrepreneurs Challenge


The saying, “time is money” is real talk.

As a Black female entrepreneur, it’s critical to remember that your use of time has a very real impact on your coin — but doing something about it is even more important. So Sistahpreneurs is launching our#GirlGoGoogle Challenge to help you use your time in service of your journey to profitability. The #GirlGoGoogle challenge is a FREE challenge by Sistahpreneurs that will help you streamline, save and organize your time with organizational tools in Google.

Ladies, let’s work smarter…and cheaper.

We chose google because its free. Too often, we pay for tools when there are free tools that do a great job AND we pay before we really know what works best for us. Try out free tools so you can get a solid understanding of what you need all of your organizational tools to actually do for you in order for you to save time and make money. It’s no secret that high achievers manage their time exceptionally well – do the research and you will see. Join us for 3 weeks of organizational challenges – where you will learn all about the google hacks that can help you become more effective, quicker and less stressed by the day.

Girl, I was in Evernote, Asana, Gmail, Google calendar, Smartsheet, and iCal. I was doing way too much. The individual tools don’t really speak to each other across systems the way working in one system does. Not to mention the login drama from having different accounts to log in to.  So set yourself up in one place. The google challenge is about finding ways to make your calendar, notes, tasks and email work together. Today, we’ll set up and you can find a daily post for each daily challenge in the Facebook Group.

Here are the “deets” for#GirlGoGoogle Challenge: the Set Up.

  1. Get gmail. Make sure you have Google calendar, gmail, google keep and google tasks and google drive. If you have gmail, you already have these things. Gmail is the gateway to them all. Once you have gmail, you have automatic access to these things. So be sure to get your gmail account set up if you don’t currently have a gmail account. If you have email with your website domain, forward it to your gmail account so that customers have a professional business address to reach you. This video from Productivity Hacks helps you do this. You will have to decide if you want to start fresh or migrate emails from an old address.
  2. Style it out. Play with settings. For instance, in calendar, you can change the background color, or add time zones to the screen view if you work across time zones. Open up settings and go down and fix each setting the way you want it. This will also give you a chance to learn more about the google platform you’re in.
  3. ADVANCED: Decide if you want G-Suite – a paid business account. It’s 5 dollars a month. The major difference that I’ve noticed with G-Suite is I get my business domain email address through gmail. But there are other differences outlined in this Lexnet blog, especially if you have employees or a business team.

Done? Well then, you’re just about ready to begin the challenge ahead.

4. Last but vital step: go back to the Sistahpreneurs Facebook Group and post one thing you learned from your set up process. Share a question, a place where you got stuck or unstuck, or an insight with the Sistahpreneurs Village. You must start the post with #GirlGoGoogle in order to get credit for the challenge!

What’s next?

The following 5 challenges will roll out every week. Yep, I said it. 5 days. You get 5 days of one small step to organize and build routines in the following platforms:

  • #GirlGoGoogle Challenge 1: Google Gmail Challenge
  • #GirlGoGoogle Challenge 2: Google Calendar Challenge
  • #GirlGoGoogle Challenge 3: Google Tasks Challenge
  • #GirlGoGoogle Challenge 4: Google Drive Challenge
  • #GirlGoGoogle Challenge 5: Google Keep Challenge

Complete them all and you’ll leave the challenge feeling less stressed, organized and ready for business. We’ll post the challenge in the Facebook group with a link to all of the details. Together forward! Let’s make that money, honey!

Sistahpreneurs is the business haven for the Black female entrepreneur. We work to help you find the path to profitability. Join us on Twitter and Facebook, and visit our site for more resources and tools.


Makisha Boothe is business coach and founder of Sistahbiz Global Network. She specializes in rapid improvement and innovation, and helps women with business startup and design.

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