Makisha Boothe
Founder and Head Coach

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The Sistahbiz Team is looking for driven, accountable, and experts in their industry to join the team.  Please review this complete page  to find out about Sistahbiz before applying for a position.
To provide Black women entrepreneurs with free and low-cost coaching, training, technical assistance, and community to both ensure their success and close equity gaps in entrepreneurship.  We aim to increase the number of Black women entrepreneurs who are profitable, scaleable, sellable businesses.
SISTERHOOD: We believe deeply in the power of radical support for each other and creating a safe space for Black women to deal with the unique challenges that we face in business and career development.
EQUITY:  We want to see Black women win and have the same opportunities to success that white males in business have.  We want to level the playing field and break down inequities in the system.
GROWTH:  Our goal is to help women tap into growth-mindset and commit to growing as savvy bosses, skilled entrepreneurs and sharp business women, recognizing and embracing that the journey is one of life-long learning.
COLLABORATION:  We believe it is time to think differently about collaborative structures for social and financial capital, in order to build wealth in black community.
SUCCESS:  We want the women in our group to dream bigger, and see themselves in the 7 figure space, with huge teams and large companies that are assets and legacies.  But we also want our women to define success for themselves and be unbound by limits that they places on themselves or that others have tried to place on themselves.
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There are no current open positions at Sistahbiz Global Network. 

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