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Help Me To:

Write a solid business plan

Price my products and services

Build my brand and website

Conduct market search

5 Steps to Pricing Your Products


I personally know the anxiety that comes with pricing your product and having to negotiate that price. If you’re not a born saleswoman who lives for the challenge of negotiation, easily finds your way to the best price with a customer, and has no problem raising prices.

Website Tips for the Non-Techie!


So you want a website, but you don’t know HTML, you barely get what a URL is and you’re wondering what in the world SEO is. This isn’t a reason for my Black female entrepreneurs to give up and start posting on facebook instead. Having a website is critical. It’s your online headquarters.

1 on 1 With Makisha


90 Days: Up & Running!

Create a crystal clear vision for your business, the clients whom you'll serve and the products and services that you will sell.

Uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your ability to get your business off of the ground and create a barrier-removal plan for challenges in the way to your immediate startup.

Leave the session renewed, inspired and prepared to become your own boss.

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4 Action-Packed Weeks

Register your business, EIN & Dunn & Bradstreet numbers

Learn what other business registrations, licensing and certifications you may need

Organize your 90 day startup plan

Map out your target market, pricing and product menu

Design your brand

Next camp: starts February 2019!

Monetize Your Blog

How to Monetize My Blog Black Women

Step-By-Step Guide

Map your blog to products

Map your SEO keywords

Create a organized posting calendar

Outline your content quickly

Market your blog

Monetize your blog

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Black Entrepreneurs Envision My Dream Business Journal