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Join our leads groups to find more customers and increase website traffic!

Join a SistahLeads group. Stop the one-woman sales team madness.

  • Are you still looking for a way to get a consistent, ongoing flow of clients in your pipeline?
  • Maybe you get into the right rooms - you know the ones where deals are made - but you're still not connected with key players. 
  • Your truth might be that you are deathly afraid of in-person networking but you rock at social media marketing - or vice versa.  
SistahLeads Circle

You can't afford to hire sales teams? Then this is perfect.  

  • Perhaps you exchange business cards, but you can't work your way into the deeper relationships, the ones that turn into contracts and sales.
  • Maybe you've exhausted your own email list and network and have to find a way to grow and expand them quickly. 
  • Your truth might be that you are deathly afraid of in-person networking or public speaking. 

Join a SistahLeads Group. 

Power circles of 5-7 women come together and use the SistahLeads Blueprint.

  • Each SistahLeads group follows our blueprint prospecting, helping each member generate referrals and bring new business to the group.
  • Members provide peer coaching and encouragement, and even attend networking events together.
  • Each SistahLeads group grows and bonds together to form a business sisterhood and collaborates with other SistahLeads Groups.

So see, Sis? You're not alone. 

Networking is nice. But you need a pack that gets results.

  • It's cool to go to networking events and happy hours, but SistahLeads takes it a step further. We focus on helping you move prospects and leads through your sales pipeline. 
  • Each group commits to 50 hand-picked leads each month, and often exceeds that number in the first meeting!
  • SistahLeads groups only meet for 90 days. Our goal is to lead you to at least 30 new prospects in that time via direct referral, and dozens more through collaborative promotion and networking.

So don't fly solo. We got you. 

Makisha Boothe Rapid Improvement Business Coach

Makisha Boothe

Rapid Improvement Coach

Makisha founder of Sistahpreneurs, the business haven for the Black female entrepreneur. Her passion for innovation and design thinking has inspired many of her teaming and collaboration events and activities for Black female entrepreneurs.

January Leads Groups are FULL! The next cycle starts in March. Register for the March Cycle Now!

  • 6:30PM MST
  • Enrollment Closes



SistahLeads Groups are about action. For 90 Days, our power circles meet and work to send you more business and help you turn your prospects into customers. 

Building a business is a lot of work. The climb to the top isn't easy. Don't do it alone, Sis.



The Denver, Colorado SistahCircles are leading the way as the 2018 charter circles. If you have an interest in joining us, here are details for membership criteria:

Licensed Business: Business must be up, running, open for business and registered with the state and in good standing. 

Quality Product or Service: Business must have stellar reputations for delivering quality service and products with no negative BBB reviews.  

Professional Brand: Business must have a polished logo and visual brand with quality business cards and marketing materials, or the willingness to get support in this area.

Deep Desire to Help Others Succeed: Sistahpreneurs must be committed to improving the economic health of the Black community and to the individual business success of each woman in the group. You must be willing to leverage your network to offer leads and referrals to other members. 

Availability for Bi-Monthly Meetings: Sistahpreneurs must be able to arrive on time and attend two meetings per month. The success of a leads group is intensely linked to committed attendance at the 6 meetings. This is NOT negotiable.

SistahLeads Membership Fee: A full payment of $594.00 or two payments of $325.00.