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We are here to help you get clear, focused and on track to grow a profitable business. During our time together, you’ll sharpen key entrepreneurial skills and learn to strategize like a boss. You’ll discover and eliminate the fears and barriers in the way of your 6-figure success. If you’re truly ready to work and invest in your dream, you’re in the right place.

"Awesome!!!!! This first session gave me life and confidence and direction and if you missed it you should have been there!!! I can't wait to do more Goal Digging with you all! Sistahbiz is where it's at if you need some help taking your business to the next level!!!" - Reese P - Natural Urbanity

Makisha Boothe

With over 20 years of experience under her belt, SBDC consultant, Makisha Boothe, is the ultimate business design and rapid improvement coach.

Shayla Boyd

From bankruptcy to multiple six figure earner, Shayla Boyd-Gill, the Family Freedom and Affluence mentor, is an extraordinary business coach and sales strategist.

Bianca McGee

Providing micro and small business owners with best practices, tools, and personalized support to own their numbers, plan strategically, maximize profit, and grow sustainably.
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