People are 4 Times More
Likely to Buy When

Referred by a Friend

People are 4 Times More
Likely to Buy When

Referred by a Friend

The Sales Struggle is REAL

Is this you?

  • Your network isn't bringing in the traffic/leads that you need to reach sales goals.

  • You love what you do, but hate networking and sales.

  • You aren't following up and pursuing new leads the way you need to.

  • The words 'speaking' or 'selling' scare you.

  • You lack the sales know-how, time, and budget to bring your gifts to the widest-possible market.

  • You find it hard to network in mainstream environments outside of your comfort zone.

  • You don't have a big baller marketing budget you need.


If any of this sounds familiar then SistahLeads is for you, sis.

Get More Referrals
and Sales Support


Get help finding new customers and reach your sales goals.


Learn how to generate more leads.


Organize your leads so that you spend time on quality leads.


Get tools to improve your customer follow-up.


Have a sistah-circle of entrepreneurs to collaborate with.


Leave the program with more sales knowledge, a new network, a biz-squad that has your back and mo' money.

Program Features

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    4-6 partners to send referrals your way every month

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    6 sessions with your SistahLeads Group to help you track your leads and fill your pipeline

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    Access to the SistahLeads Online Hub where assignments and sales mastery learning continues between sessions

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    Instant Access to our Sales Resource Library filled with sales templates, guides, playlists and biz-goodies

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    Access to our Private Facebook Group where all SistahLeads connect to share networking events, prospecting opportunities and help each other problem solve and ideate

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    Group coaching and help writing your email copy, setting up your CRM and designing your sales funnel

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    Planning time where you will design and fine-tune your sales scripts, discovery calls, sales funnels and more

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    Practice time with the group to work on your networking pitch and discovery call scripts

Success Story


“Before Sistahleads, I had never heard of a sales funnel. There were no systems in place in my business, at least none that were intentionally devised. I had a lot to do and had no idea where to start to improve the functionality and marketability of my business. Be ready to work if you join SistahLeads. Makisha will work hard on your behalf, but you have to do your part. She is passionate about what she does, and if you have the same level of passion for your business, the work that you do together will take your business up several levels in sophistication, class, and productivity. The money and time that I have saved by working with Makisha and Sistahleads is immeasurable. What I've gained is invaluable, as her training has impacted my lifestyle as much as it has my business. My business has grown at least double in the 90 days I've worked with her."

The Healing Garden

You're Membership also includes...

Exclusive access to the SistahLeads Online Coaching Portal!


And access to ALL of other online platforms


Online Business
Coaching Support

SistahLeads Referral Tracking System


Sales and Mastery
Course: 6 Videos

Peer Coaching and Consultancy Discussion Forum


SistahLeads Assignments,
Toolkit & Materials

Anytime, anywhere 24x7 Mobile Access


SistahLeads is a program of Sistahbiz.
Sistahbiz is the business haven for the Black woman entrepreneur. We are dedicated to providing tools, resources and collaborative structures for Black women entrepreneurs to build and grow profitable businesses. From startup to expansion, we provide group and individual coaching experiences that help build entrepreneurial capacity and increase rapid results in sales and systems.


Success Story


"Before SistahLeads, I was having a challenging time feeling like I was apart of the my company’s team. I felt alone professionally. SistahLeads wasn’t just focused on the nuts and bolts of building stronger systems for sales but also included an intimate setting for sharing and emotional health. I saved a couple thousand by not purchasing a new leads system. We discussed better ways to connect with my current base with the system I already have. The amount of unconditional support I received from everyone in the group was amazing. We genuinely connected with one another and I am walking away from this experience knowing I have people to call on. If you are looking to build your business from the inside out SistahLeads is the perfect place for you!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

SistahLeads groups meet for 90 days and then disband as an official leads group. However, the members in SistahLeads build strong sistah-bonds and will likely stay connected as long-term colleagues and friends after the leads experience. Furthermore, you are encouraged to join another SistahLeads group and start the referral-generating process with a new circle.

Alongside your leads and referral generation activity, you'll participate in an online course where Makisha will guide you through sales funnel development, lead nurturing, lead scoring and building and maintaining a customer relationship management system. Building your knowledge base and systems in this area will help you make the most of the referrals you receive in the program and set you up for long-term sales success.

SistahLeads works best if you absolutely, without-a-doubt can commit to attending every one of the 6 meetings for 3 months. The program is for sistahpreneurs who own a business that is fully up and running and are looking for ways to attract new customers. If you're still trying to figure out what you sell and what your business is, this is not the program for you.

Yes. The virtual Sistahleads groups meet via Crowdcast twice a month and participate in the online course and forum.There will be one virtual leads group every cycle with just 7 openings. So claim your spot today!

Success Story


"Growing my network was something that I have been doing but not consistently. Working with SistahLeads has highlighted the importance of building our Network and put it as a top priority in my business fundamentals once more. The intimacy of the group is different than any other leads group I have participated in.  My business has gained new members and greater exposure. Creating a connection and a network that will expand beyond the time in the group. I think it's important to have people who are cheering for your success. The group allowed us to learn each other's businesses in a way that we can be truly supportive.  I truly believe that revenue-generating activity is important to do on a daily basis. If you participate in this group it will keep revenue-generating activities at the Forefront of your mind. With that type of mindset you can't lose."

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