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Last year, I launched a few test episodes of my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, SPR TV, to see how this whole youtube universe works. It rocked! We learned a lot and we’re now preparing for official launch later this year! We’re launching a crazy-dope-fun but informative vlog series designed especially my sistahpreneurs on the move. Imagine…

Conversations with smart, savvy sistahprenerus who are building profitable businesses and dope brands.

Specialty business coaches and experts to give you actionable tips on how to break the glass ceiling in entrepreneurship, play big and build a 6-figure business.

Financial pros bring the deets to help you keep your business in the black and lawyers who make it their mission to help you cover your ass-ets.

Interviews with innovative influencers who are setting trends and blazing trails.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, Sis.

I’m super excited about launching SPR TV to help you cultivate new skills, widen your network, and build your confidence. If you know anything at all about Sistahpreneurs, then you know that I don’t play small. And this vlog series will be no exception! Just wait until you see the guest list….

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Exclusive Sneak Peek” el_class=”kisha-title-font”]Want an exclusive sneak peek at the vlog before it launches? Share your name and email address and I promise you’ll be the first to get all the deets, Sis. Better yet, you’ll have an opportunity to help shape the guest list! I’ll be reaching to my podcast insiders to discover who you’d love to hear from and what you’d ask if you could sit down over a glass of wine and popcorn with expert sistahpreneurs from across the country.[/ultimate_heading]