Retail Success

Retail Success

Is this you?

  • You are a product-based business who is ready to level up and shift from solely selling your products to customers to also selling your products to boutique stores and small businesses.

  • You are seeking support with packaging and pricing your services for retail distributors.

  • You aren't sure how to pitch to boutique stores or small businesses and want time and support designing your wholesale program and pitch.

  • You aren't sure where to find wholesale opportunities nor do you even understand how to manage them.

  • You need help with ecommerce strategy and want to boost your online sales.

  • You want help accessing online marketplaces where you can sell your products in addition to selling on your own website.

  • You don't have the credit or capital to carry large contracts and you want help taking key steps to change that—and you’re interested in accessing a Sistahbiz Loan ($5k - $50k) to build the brand and infrastructure needed to run a 6 figure business. This program isn’t for hobby businesses or entrepreneurs who don’t intend to access capital.

Bottom line: This program is for sistahs who want to play big, access a loan from the Sistahbiz Loan Fund and place their products in stores while boosting online sales.

Our Retail Success Accelerator
curriculum includes:

Our Retail Success Accelerator
curriculum includes:

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Designing a profitable product-based business model and brand and building professional systems for product packaging, labeling, shipping and photography.

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Designing a wholesale program and organizing back office compliance-related items like insurance, licensing, product labeling, accounting systems and inventory management.

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Developing and implementing a plan for mass production and fulfillment, including items like securing a commercial kitchen lease, co-packer or equipment for batch production.

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Upgrading your ecommerce systems and online presence with advanced SEO strategy, copywriting support, website optimization, organic social media and paid digital advertising strategies.

Perks and Benefits

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    A cohort of 12 like-minded entrepreneurs who meet for monthly sessions and provide support, encouragement and share tools

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    6 virtual sessions with an assigned Business Coach to map out a profitable model and plan for your retail business

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    Eligibility (upon completion of required modules) to apply for up to $50k in business loans from the Sistahbiz Loan Fund 

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    Access to back office support for accounting, project management, process improvement, credit repair, and marketing, to get your business organized

  • icon 5@2x

    Become a part of a network that refers you and sends you leads, via emails with RFP announcements and other lead generation resources

Brands We've Worked With 

chubby curls logo
New Natural Urbanity
Miss Peabody's Southern Tea Cakes

Tools for Accountability

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You'll build an individual plan outlining your milestones and deadlines for key accomplishments in the program. You'll track sales, website traffic and more.

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After each 1-on-1 session, you'll receive notes from the sessions with your business coach. You'll get automatic email reminders when milestones and tasks are due.

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Get advice, feedback, motivation and support from an active community of fellow sistahpreneurs and a network of sistahbiz business experts and coaches who want to see you win.

Ideal Applicants

  • I’m not just interested, I’m committed.
    Growing a successful business from scratch is hard work. This program is not easy. There will be times when you’ll get discouraged and life will happen. You will win some deals and you may hear some “no’s”. This program is for the entrepreneur who will push through these obstacles until the end.

  • I will be able to attend all group meetings and individual coaching sessions.
    We operate a professional program and expect participants to make every single meeting, including group training and coaching sessions, on time and with no excuses. It is imperative that you have a plan for childcare and technology access before applying and committing to the program. All group sessions are virtual on the last Saturday of each month and the mandatory 2-day on-boarding retreat is all day February 19 and half day February 20, 2021.

  • I will have no problem completing assignments.
    We will guide you in taking the right steps, but the work is yours to do. Our sessions are mostly planning, collaborating and learning, but when you leave, you’ll have work to do in between sessions to build your business. Are you ready?

  • I am interested in taking transformational action.
    The program isn’t for the sistah who has it all together and is happy with her current state of business. It’s for the sistah who is willing to change her behaviors, habits, and actions so that she can get different and better results. You will hear the truth and your coaches will hold you accountable to transforming your business and life. If you’re not at the 6-figure level, you haven’t successfully garnered the wholesale accounts or online sales that you want—you’re signing up to make swift moves to change that.

  • I am ready to play big.
    The program isn’t for the sistah who enjoys being in her kitchen, servicing her immediate friends and family, and bringing in revenues so small that her business is pretty much a hobby. It’s for the sistah who’s ready to scale, mass-produce, and land big deals. If hiring a team, taking out a loan, enrolling in credit repair, paying for digital ads, or working in a commercial kitchen are steps that you’re not willing to take, then our program isn’t likely a good fit for your needs at this time.

  • I am willing to give back and pay it forward.
    The program is funded by outside funders and they make the coaching, tools, and resources - all worth well beyond $10k per person, available to you at no monetary cost. It isn’t free, however. We ask you to pay it forward by offering some of your time and resources to mentoring the cohorts after you, speaking at future sessions and classes, completing surveys and data requests during and after the program, and donating to the nonprofit when you are able. This is not so much paying as it is paying it forward.

Retail Success

Retail Success is an initiative of the Sistahbiz Global Network, a non-profit venture to support black women entrepreneurs and close the equity gap in entrepreneurship. We want to thank our generous sponsors and supporters for making this program available to our community.

37 Oaks
The Colorado Health Foundation
Chinook Fund
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The Colorado Trust


Frequently Asked Questions

The program duration is 9 months and includes monthly group cohort and monthly individual coaching sessions.

Participation is mandatory. The orientation is 8a - 5p MT on Friday Feb 19th and 8a - noon on Saturday February 20th. The group coaching is the last Saturday of the months March - Sept from 9a - 1p MT. Individual coaching sessions are virtual as planned by you and your business coach.

It's a lot of work. This program is not a quick fix or a "done-for-you" program. It's for the entrepreneur who wants to support building landing your first big deal. There is about 5-10 hours of work every two weeks to build the business. Please do NOT apply if you can not block this time on your calendar and commit to the work.

12 entrepreneurs will be selected based on interview, application, and product review. We are seeking entrepreneurs who have legally registered product-based businesses, are committed to landing deals within the 9-month period of the program, and open to taking out a loan from the Sistahbiz Loan Fund for cash flow, marketing and other costs associated with their business model.

You must be a product-based business who has sold online or in stores for at least a year.

Candidates should submit the online application by January 15, 2021. Also send a sample product, postmarked by January 15, 2021.  

Round one candidates will be selected for initial phone interviews starting the last week of January 2021. Round two candidates will need a second virtual meeting interview. 

Final applicants will be notified by February 5, 2021.

Training, coaching, consultation and program services provided are paid for by the program. However, the cost is your time, providing a sample product, deep and unwavering commitment to program completion and business success, and contributions to the overall success of the program and Sistahbiz Global Network.

Mail to Sistahbiz Global Network at 18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd #108-271, Denver, Colorado 80249.

It must be postmarked by January 15, 2021 in order to be eligible for submission.  

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