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A Network That Nurtures Growth

Welcome to Sistahbiz, your premier destination for elevating your entrepreneurial journey. Our dynamic programs are meticulously crafted to fuel your growth, foster strategic planning, and ignite your business potential. Prepare to embark on a transformative experience where business training, group coaching, collaborative planning, and coworking converge to create a powerful ecosystem for Black women entrepreneurs.

Coach K, Founder

Your Business, Elevated.

Finally, a network and business training curated for Black women entrepreneurs...

Monthly Business Seminars

Our monthly seminars are power-packed “lunch-and-learn” virtual sessions led by experts and coaches, where we delve into the latest trends in small business growth. We use these sessions to help members stay ahead of the curve and learn from seasoned experts and fellow entrepreneurs, all while building valuable connections.

Group Coaching And Office Hours

Our weekly group coaching and business office hour sessions are designed to offer live hands-on guidance with Sistahbiz coaches and experts. These virtual group coaching sessions are a weekly dose of collaborative time. With access to Sistahbiz coaches and experts, members can fine-tune strategies, troubleshoot challenges, get feedback on actual work products and tap into a wealth of knowledge. Office hours provide Q&A space, personalized support, ensuring no question goes unanswered.

Goal Digger Planning Retreat

Goal Digger is a 3-day planning retreat for Black women founders. Skilled business coaches and presenters facilitate the Goal Digger method and lead participants through a series of sessions designed to help them brainstorm, strategize, and collaborate with fellow ambitious businesswomen and ultimately leave with a comprehensive business plan. Activities include:

  • Reviewing business data
  • Conducting SWOT analysis
  • Calculating sales and marketing goals
  • Mapping key company improvements
  • Planning strategic initiatives


Sistahbiz Work Groups are the online rooms in our platform where members are digging
and getting it done. Here are some of the types of rooms in the platform.

Business Book Studies

We have a variety of book studies available in the online platform to join and feature new books monthly. Members join the book studies that are most relevant to their needs and delve into carefully curated books, complete with syllabi for structured learning. Join lively monthly discussions with fellow members, and chat in dedicated virtual rooms.

Action Planning

We feature new action plans each month. From building out a client onboarding process to mapping content for a promotion, action plans come with guided process roadmaps and on-demand tutorials. Group leads host regular progress check-ins, both live and in our online platform rooms to ensure you stay on track.

Business Challenges

Members who want quick wins and small digestible tasks tend to sign up for our business challenges. Tailored dossiers guide members through each challenge, offering a clear path to achievement with daily tasks and tools to complete the tasks. Challenge participants hold each other accountable within our online rooms.

Membership Packages

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Members-Only Online Business Hub

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When you join, you’ll sign into The Suite, our online private app. First, sign up and enjoy a no-obligation 14-day free trial, giving you ample time to explore every facet of our vibrant community. Once you're in, setting up your profile and account is a breeze, ensuring you make the most of your experience.

From day one, you'll have the power to register for our engaging events, seamlessly join workgroup conversations and challenges, and tap into our extensive library of valuable downloads—all at your fingertips. The Suite is a powerful online business hub, connecting you with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts, tracking tools for your business planning work, and endless opportunities for growth and collaboration. Don't miss out on the endless possibilities that our platform offers – start your journey with us today!

What Our Members Have To Say

"Years ago, when I first began my business journey I was excited and felt unstoppable, but as time passed and life happened, I put it on the back burner where it laid dormant until now. After working with Makisha, it felt like a weight was lifted because she helped clarify my goals, define my purpose and re-imagine the potential outcomes.
My outlook is changed and I'm once again excited about the direction of my business and the realization of my goals. As Makisha reminded me, "You have something people need, our kids need. You have to do this."


Regina Groff

Commission ED

Angela Wells

Kadija Taylor

Tonie Jones

Kalea Sanders Wright

Arielle Cobb

Doni Aldine

Find Trusted Experts and Support

Where Black Women Entrepreneurs Get Results

At Sistahbiz Global Network, we believe that taking action is the key to achieving remarkable results. That's why our community of members actively engages in planning, training, learning and collaboration each month. With our carefully designed work groups, transformative group coaching sessions, and dynamic coworking activities, you'll experience a deep level of strategic planning that propels your business forward.

A Community of Practice

At Sistahbiz Global Network, we believe in the transformative power of a supportive community coaches and founders that look like you and share your experience as a Black woman. Our monthly group coaching sessions are dedicated to fostering productivity, offering valuable feedback, reviewing work products, and providing unwavering support and peer consultancy. Our members don't know the isolation of building alone, because we know that progress is accelerated, outcomes are more impactful, and the journey is simply more enjoyable when you have a community by your side.

Exclusive Privileges for Sistahbiz Global Members

Guided Strategic Planning Activities Delivered to Your Inbox

Each month, anticipate a wealth of guided strategic planning activities designed to propel your business forward. You'll receive comprehensive materials that empower you to execute with confidence. By completing our challenges and action plans, you'll gain the clarity and focus necessary to achieve remarkable results. And don't forget to check in during our group coaching sessions to receive invaluable support, feedback, and guidance from both fellow members and experts.

Weekly Group Coaching: Your Accountability and Consultancy Hub

Our team of Black women coaches and experts lead vibrant weekly group coaching sessions and experience the power of collective support. Discuss your work, receive valuable feedback, and benefit from the consultancy of both members and experts. These sessions will not only hold you accountable to reaching important milestones in your business planning but also provide you with a safe space to share your challenges and triumphs..

Exclusive Live Events: Empowering Your Business and Well-Being

Expand your knowledge and nurture your well-being through our exclusive live events. Join our 30-minute lunch seminars, where we delve into relevant business topics that are essential to your growth. Additionally, our Black Girl Therapy sessions provide a curated safe space facilitated by mental health and wellness experts who understand the unique challenges you face as a Black woman entrepreneur.

The Black Woman Entrepreneur's Gateway to Grants, Loans, and More

Say goodbye to endlessly searching for funding opportunities, software solutions, and other valuable tools. Our Monthly Resources Newsletter keeps you informed about the latest grants, loans, RFPs, and other essential resources. We curate and deliver this information directly to your inbox, saving you precious time and ensuring you have the necessary tools to propel your business forward.

Relevant Tools, Templates, and Replays at Your Fingertips

We understand the importance of practical resources in driving success. Gain exclusive access to a treasure trove of planning tools, templates, and replays that are tailored to your unique needs as a Black woman entrepreneur. Empower yourself with the knowledge, skills, and strategies that will set you on the path to better results and growth.

More Perks!

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Members-only early-bird and VIP access to our annual Goal Digger Business Planning Retreat​ and other getaways reserved for the Black woman entrepreneur.

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Annual members get welcomed in with our Sistahbox filled with member products and all the good-good Sistah swag!

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