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Providing More Offers to Existing Clients

  It’s Cheaper to Keep Her: Don’t Sleep on Sales From Existing Clients As a business owner, you understand the importance of acquiring new customers. However, I work continuously with the founders in our community for Black women entrepreneurs to help them understand that it's equally essential to keep existing customers satisfied and coming back for more. Customer retention is crucial for any business as it directly affects the lifetime value of a customer. The...
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The Crisis of Black Women Entrepreneurs and Time Poverty

    Are Black Women Entrepreneurs More Prone to Time Poverty? I witness the impact of time poverty on Black women entrepreneurs whom I coach way too often. In fact, I've battled the issue myself for some time. I think we are especially prone to time poverty because we are often running an under-resourced, understaffed business. Moreover, Black women are often the primary or only deliverer of services. Time poverty is a state of being...
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Are Clients Questioning Your Pricing? Do This.

    When Black Women Consultants Tell Me Clients Question Their Pricing As a Black woman consultant, you may find yourself facing the question of why clients are questioning your pricing. You understand the value you bring to the table. You’ve put in the time, effort, and resources to develop your expertise, and you’ve honed your skills to deliver results. However, despite your confidence in your abilities, you struggle to close the deal and make...
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Avoid Scope Creep With Ease

    Oh, the Drama of Avoiding Scope Creep. I coach hundreds of Black, women entrepreneurs each year on how to avoid scope creep. Scope creep is wreaks havoc in their service-based businesses. It refers to the uncontrolled or unplanned expansion of a project's goals, deliverables, or requirements beyond its initial scope, which can lead to additional work, increased costs, and delayed timelines. This can cause stress for business owners, particularly when the scope of...
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10 Signs Your Visual Branding Is Not Professionally Done

When it comes to building a strong brand identity, visuals play a critical role in establishing credibility and building recognition. However, not all visual branding is created equal. If your company's visual brand was not professionally done, it can send the wrong message to your audience and may even turn potential customers away. Here are ten signs that your visual brand is not professionally done and may be ineffective: Inconsistent use of colors, fonts, and...
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Becoming Bankable: Funding Terms You Need to Know

Accessing capital is one of our toughest challenges as black women-owned businesses. According to a report by Digital Undivided’s Project Diane, firms started by black women received only .0006% of VC funding raised by startups between 2009 and 2017. This number is offensively low! But, the reality is that venture capital (VC) funding often comes later in the funding process for a business. Black women have far less access to friends and family funds, personal...
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Real HR Tips from Black-Owned Businesses You Can Use Today

Human Resources (HR) is one of the most important areas of business development.  Unfortunately, as black entrepreneurs, we can get stuck in the realm of Do-It-Yourself, and often deploy HR strategies with a bootstrapping mentality that can hurt the business. So when demand and growth opportunity increase or our business is experiencing growing pains, we stunt our business growth because we don’t have the staff resources we need to produce and deliver at higher volumes....
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7 Black Women Attorneys You Should Know

Sis, you’ve done an amazing job building your business up to where it is today!  As a solopreneur, we know that scaling to the seven-figure level can be a difficult task. However, you don’t need or have to do this alone! In fact, if you’ve reached this point, then you’ll need the right professionals in your corner now more than ever.  Are you ready to draft and negotiate contacts? Do you need to obtain a...
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6 Sistahs in Business Accounting

As sistahpreneurs, we know how important it is to have the back end of your business in order. Especially when it comes to finances! Financial opportunities may present themselves at any time, and they will pass you right by if you aren’t prepared. So while it may be tempting to take the DIY approach, there are consequences to depriving your business of its needs, such as expert financial support. One of the best ways to...
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Beyond Generational Wealth: The Real Legacy You’re Leaving

When you think of a legacy, what comes to mind? For most people, the first thoughts that follow are about money, power, or social position. The mistake is believing that wealth or riches can replace the necessary legacy planning phase for their families. The power and responsibility of creating an enduring legacy for generational wealth are in your hands.   In a world that never stops evolving, it is more important than ever for us...
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