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3 Common Social Media Mistakes Solopreneurs Make

If you’ve made it a priority to get online and start social media marketing your business, then thumbs up to you, Sis! 

Social media platforms are where millions of people go daily, several times a day to connect, explore, and shop. Before you get started, though, I want to share with you three mistakes that I often see sistahpreneurs making when they start using social media as a marketing tool. So take heed and use these social media tips to plan accordingly.

Social Media Mistake 1: Posting Only to Sell. 

My Grandma used to warn me against only reaching out to people when I want something. She encouraged me to engage with people just because. She knew the value of relationship and service and she always wanted me to keep these values at the forefront. Doing so has helped me in business and should drive your approach to social media marketing. Don’t just sell. If you’re a great networker at physical, in-person events, bring some of your best networking practices at in-person events to your social media engagement. For example, you wouldn’t just give out your card and not take other people’s cards. You wouldn’t talk at people with your pitch; you’d engage in conversation about many things. You would probably make it a point to learn more about the people you meet and reach out personally later. 

Use these same networking tactics online. Make it your business to be a social butterfly on your social media platforms. Read other people’s posts. Respond to their questions, engage in their conversations, and be active in your groups. When you do this, you are building an online presence that people come to recognize. You are developing online relationships with other social media influencers. You are laying the groundwork so that when you do offer a product or service, it draws attention. Also, don’t forget to reward readers who respond to your posts with a reply, alike, or some sort of acknowledgment of their engagement.

Use social media to learn more about customers and their needs. Engage to study what innovative competitors are doing and get online to examine what industry hot topics are. 

Social Media Mistake 2: Posting Without Driving Traffic or a Call to Action.

Help people take advantage of your offers. Make it easy for them to better learn more about you and your company. Do this by creating clear calls to action and driving traffic to your website. Calls to action include opportunities to download freebies, read your blog post, schedule a discovery call, register for an event, or even make a purchase. Use these types of calls to action and get folks moving through your sales funnel from prospect to customer. At the end of the day, you should have a good portion of your posts that drive traffic to your website, blogs, webinars, and other online spaces and activities.

Social Media Mistake 3: Posting without any branding efforts.

Make sure to capitalize on this opportunity to get your visual brand out on the frontlines of social media. Some of the critical components of your visual brand are your logo, your color palette, your fonts, and your overall style. These elements come together to give your brand a personality that the world can come to recognize once you get it out there regularly and consistently. So, create visual images with these elements present, and with your website URL as much as possible without being overbearing. 

Makisha Boothe

Makisha is Head Business Coach and founder of Sistahbiz Global Network. She specializes in rapid improvement and innovation, and helps women with business startup and design.

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