Makisha Boothe


Honored by the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce with the Clara Brown Award, the Aurora Chamber of Commerce "Women in Business" Unsung Hero, and recipient of the U.S. Small Business Administration Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Region and State of Colorado in 2007, Makisha Boothe is Founder and Head Business Coach of Sistahbiz Global Network, a business accelerator for Black women entrepreneurs.

Sistahbiz Global Network helps Black women solopreneurs and microbusinesses build scalable, sellable businesses. As a rapid improvement coach, Makisha helps small businesses rethink their revenue strategies, brands, systems, resource allocation, and human capital strategies.

As principal of Pivot Innovation Solutions, a strategic facilitation and planning agency in Denver, Colorado, Makisha is a sought after strategist for organizational development, community engagement, and diversity, inclusion and equity work.

Before founding Pivot and Sistahbiz, Makisha co-founded and led the Denver Public Schools Innovation Lab, Imaginarium. The lab was the first district-run lab of its kind in the nation, and was designed to help principals redesign their school models and test new instructional strategies in the classroom.

Makisha has worked in politics and education reform on the national, state and local levels, to pass landmark innovation and choice legislation. She also served as the Senior Adviser to the Colorado State Senate President. She also owned and operated Ya Ya Spa, LLC in Denver, Colorado. Ya Ya Spa was featured in Black Enterprise and was known for its nostalgic atmosphere and specialty pedicures.

Meet The Leadership Team

Hans Cooper

Hans Cooper Chief Operations Officer

Hans is our dynamic operations leader with over 15 years of management experience in strategic planning, logistics, compliance, budgeting, and project management.  Having led various departments and large teams in both the public and private sectors, Hans possesses keen business insight with a particular focus on collaboration and operational efficacy. In addition, as a grants writer and administrator, he is focused on leveraging funding resources from private foundations and government entities to support the advancement of Black women entrepreneurship.


Natasha Taplin Chief Data and Technology Officer

Natasha is our results-driven Digital Leader with over 18 years in online, computer, tech, UX, design, software, apps, websites, and automation. Her experience spans from start-ups to Fortune companies. She’s relentless in her attention to detail and follow-through to get the job done. She has a knack for eliminating tech dramas. In her spare time she loves to learn, which lends to her long list of credentials including a Masters in Information Technology, an MBA, and Project Management Professional certification.


Jenny VanBuskirk Executive Assistant

If you send an email to Sistahbiz, Jenny is who you will reach! Customer service is her specialty, and making sure you are taken care of is her top priority. She started her virtual assistance business over 6 years ago and uses her administrative skills to help support creatives, small businesses, and nonprofits reach their goals. 

Success Stories


"Every year I set goals that I struggle the remainder of the year to accomplish. Largely because I don't have a clear and realistic plan. This year, I registered for Goal Digger and the few hours we spent together was so amazing! I left feeling not just motivated, but PREPARED!"

Img Testimonial Kadija

Ion Real Estate

"Let me tell you how Sistahbiz is helping me get my ENTIRE BUSINESS together ???? Day 1 of Retail Coaching yesterday and #MindBlown. I am so excited about this program and I'm ready to do the WORK??‍????. If you're a business owner in Denver, you want Makisha Boothe in your corner ?? #ChubbyCurlsLevelUp"


Chubby Curls, Owner

"Awesome!!!!! This first session gave me life and confidence and direction and if you missed it you should have been there!!! I can't wait to do more Goal Digging with you all! Sistahbiz is where it's at if you need some help taking your business to the next level!!!"

Reese Peterson Natural Urbanity

Natural Urbanity

"I’m blessed by the blood sweat and tears poured into us by Sistahbiz founder Makisha Boothe. I can't express my gratitude for our group coaching space and the amazing women I shared it with. I can't wait for 2019, to tackle the goals I set, the strategy I created toward my vision and the systems I am putting in place to support them."

Keisha Mathes_Herbal Honey

Herbal Honey, Founder

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