What should I do next?

If you have ever asked yourself this question...

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...you probably started your own business motivated by the offer of freedom,
financial independence, and hope of an amazing future.

But instead, you got…


  • Information overload
  • Isolation and setbacks
  • Unpredictable income


And to make matters worse, every year that goes by feels like you’re just spinning your wheels...but you’re not alone.

So many of us start out the exact same way. We have an ambitious dream but stall or lose momentum because we don’t know where to focus our energy to bring intangible results.

There are simply too many distractions and false paths to get lost along the way when you’re traveling alone.

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You need a business GPS that takes you on
the most direct route to your goals.


Sistahbiz coaching was started with a clear vision: Help black women business owners build profitable, scalable businesses. Full stop.

We already know from our own entrepreneurship efforts and the efforts of our founder that black women face a unique struggle in the business world. A lack of access to funding plus a lack of a supportive community drives many sistahs to slow growth and unpredictability in business.

You need the strategy, focus, and business systems to take your business from side hustle to full time. Or maybe you need to scale your business to a sustainable, legacy wealth for your family?

Having access to an expert business coach is your secret to unlocking that system.

Introducing Breakthrough Monthly Coaching

Our 1-on-1 private coaching sessions are tailored to suit every one of your business needs. Our expert black women business coaches help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, spot future challenges,
and prevent years of plateaus and setbacks.

Your coaching sessions include:

  • Rigorous action-planning
  • Business troubleshooting
  • Consistent support that leads to tangible results

all delivered online via zoom.

With your coach, you’ll construct an actionable, step-by-step roadmap to arrive at your dream business faster.


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Growth. Accountability. Encouragement. Sistahood.

Here's what's included in your

Sistahbiz Breakthrough Coaching Experience:


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Monthly 60-minute sessions with a seasoned, expert Black woman business coach.

Business Coaching Scheduling

Easy Scheduling

Log in and self-schedule or reschedule with your coach.


An initial business assessment
and game plan

Get started with a coach who will assess your business and design a solid game plan with you.


Productive sessions

Brainstorm concepts and solutions, map out game plans, analyze data and check in on goals and progress.


Reminders & Accountability

Receive reminders for sessions and major milestones and to-dos.


Data tracking
If you’re not measuring your results, you can’t know when your plans need adjustment.


Private portal access

Log in to a private coaching portal to access your notes, files, data and to do's.


When you sign up for Breakthrough Business Coaching you get exclusive access to…

    • Unlimited downloads from the Plug’n’Play library of tools, templates, checklists, and swipe files so you can go from start to done✔ in no time. ($97 value)


    • 90-day breakthrough workgroups with fellow members to help you learn essential skills, map out your goals, and build a stable revenue framework. Workgroups include masterminds, lead generation groups, and book studies. ($997/month value)


    • Funding leads so you receive the financial backing to fulfill customer orders, upgrade your business systems, and scale your profits. ($597 value)


    • Increased business leads through our client referral program. ($198 value)


  • Discounted annual retreats to help you refocus and strategize. You get a seat at the table of greatness and learn from those that have already achieved what you’re striving to accomplish. Network and meet your fellow Sistahpreneurs. Make business besties that last a lifetime. (priceless)


Best of all, you’ll be inducted into a
thriving community of like-minded, like-hearted sistahs that know
your struggle, match your ambitions and have your back.

How It Works


After signup, you will book your first coaching consultation.


Access our exclusive coaching and membership portal, introduce yourself, participate in the community, explore resources, and apply for services. Most importantly, select your coach.


Receive targeted growth strategies as well as monthly benchmarks to hit so you show up to your next session with tangible results. But we’re not just worker bees! You’ll experience the kind of personal growth you’ll only get from a loving community that has your back!

Who is Sistahbiz?

The Sistahbiz community is hands-down the largest resource for black women entrepreneurs available anywhere. We exist to provide the resources and guidance that help you cut the line to success.

Though it won’t be easy, it is possible!

You simply get to skip the rookie mistakes, heartaches, setbacks, and disappointments sistahs spend years digging their way out of.

Sistahbiz is right for you if you:


  • Own a legally registered business with a business bank account


  • Currently, sell products and/or services but are struggling to get off the ground


  • Long for repeatable systems and tangible results that help you scale to 7-figures and beyond


  • Are ready to see results from boot camps, retreats, group learning, networking events, fresh business leads, and working with like-minded business-savvy women


  • Need support because your dreams are big but your circle is small


We help sistahs just like you break through your business plateaus and finally gain
the momentum to ignite you with a sense of purpose.

Meet Your Coaches

Makisha Boothe

Makisha Boothe

Head Coach

Makisha is Founder and Head Business Coach of Sistahbiz Global Network. As a rapid improvement coach, she helps small businesses rethink their revenue strategies, brands, systems, resource allocation, and human capital strategies.

Tiffany Sister

Tiffany Slater

Human Resources

Dr. Tiffany E. Slater is the CEO and Sr. Human Resources Consultant for HR TailorMade–a human resources (HR) consulting company specializing in helping small businesses and non-profit organizations manage and retain their best talent. Tiffany has over 20 years of HR experience in a variety of industries.

Shayla Boyd Gill

Shayla Boyd-Gill

7-Figure Business Coach

From bankruptcy to multiple six figure earner, Shayla Boyd-Gill is an extraordinary and proven business coach who shows family-centered women entrepreneurs, how to have it all–family, freedom, and affluence–while doing what they love. She helps her clients to restructure their businesses and lives so that they have the freedom to be with their families and make big money all at the same time without the sacrifice.

Bianca McGee

Bianca McGee

Cash Flow Strategist

As a financial professional with over 20 years experience and a Master's in Accounting, Bianca's passion is supporting women entrepreneurs to discover what they truly want for their business and life and providing the expertise to help them make it a reality. Her purpose is to help women build a financially sound business that supports a life they love and allows them to build a balanced legacy. She is founder of Plan, Profit, Grow Accounting.

Terrand Smith

Terrand Smith

Product-Based Coach

A consummate retail professional, and Founder of 37 Oaks, Terrand Smith oversaw close to $1 Billion in revenue during her decade long career in corporate retail. Her strengths are in optimizing product assortments; establishing pricing strategies; developing impactful promotions; streamlining process inefficiencies; negotiating with vendors; innovation and managing profit & loss statements.

Bonus for annual members!

When you sign up for the Breakthrough annual membership plan you’ll also get...

What our members are saying…

Reese Peterson

CEO/Founder of Natural Urbanity


Sistahbiz helped me not to treat my business like a hobby.

I learned to create business-minded processes and I got the confidence and courage from the knowledge that I wasn’t alone. If I had to describe Sistahbiz in 3 words? Sisterhood. Accountability. Empowerment.

Kalea Sanders Wright




KSW Social Media Management


"Before working with Sistahbiz, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I knew I wanted to work for myself, I just didn’t know where to start. Makisha encouraged me to think bigger about my income goals. I thought I needed to make $6k per month in my business to quit my day job.

After working with Sistahbiz and following the road map she laid out, I made $60k within the first quarter which is way more than I would’ve made in my 9-5. It’s so valuable having a coach who’s been where you want to be and has helped other sistahs grow their businesses."

Angela Wells

Owner Serein Naturals


"Sistahbiz helped my business do a complete 180.

My coach helped me see my weaknesses and recognize my strengths. I completely rebranded my business and wrote and won my very first grant.

My revenue has increased over 50% and my systems are streamlined. I have a community of women to lean on and my company is a thriving, professional business that’s not just a hobby. Working with Sistahbiz you will feel supported, you will feel guided, and have the tools to hit the ground running from the very beginning."


What if I can’t attend the monthly virtual events?

No problem. Replays are available to watch anytime that’s best for you.

I’m trying to scale my business to 7-figures, can Sistahbiz help with that?

Absolutely! Sistahbiz is for you whether you’ve been in business for 2 months or 10 years. Our ambassadors and coaches are hand-picked experts that understand exactly what you need to grow to your next level.

What is included with my Sistahbiz Breakthrough membership?

Here’s what you get when you sign up for a Sistahbiz membership today:

  • Unlimited Access to Our Business Library loaded up with tools, templates, checklists, and swipes.
  • Monthly Online Masterclasses with replays for accountability and tips and tricks from experts.
  • Local Events to provide real-time support, networking, and community.
  • Financial Support & Funding Leads so you learn how and where to apply for grants, loans, and RFP’s.
  • Business Directory Access of vetted service providers and business coaches.
  • Black Girl Therapy Sessions that provide a safe space to discuss the challenges that affect your well-being and ultimately your business.
  • 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching to set benchmarks and get tangible results in your business.
  • Client Referrals so you get more business and generate more income.

Plus, these bonuses…

  • Exclusive access to annual gatherings like our Business Breakthrough Brunch and our Goal Digger Business Planning Retreat.
  • Chances to win rewards, prizes, free business services.

How does billing work?

When you sign up today you’ll be billed today and receive instant access. You’ll receive a recurring charge each month on the day you signed up until you cancel.

Still not sure how coaching can help your business?

Try a FREE 45-minute coaching session, on us!

This is a one-time special offer to ask any question you have about your business and get a targeted solution. No membership required.

What’s the catch?


Of course, we want you to sign up for full access to the sistahood community. But this is not a sales call.


For every member of Sistahbiz, coaching was the defining factor in taking our businesses past an income-draining time-suck to a profitable enterprise. At our heart, we want you to get results and win. Periodt!


This free session will help you do just that.


A monthly membership will simply help keep you accountable and following your guideposts.


How our Free Coaching program works…


    1. After you click the button below, you’ll be prompted to complete a form about your business. Include the area you need the most guidance with and links to relevant sites, reference material, etc.


    1. Hop on a 45-minute session with one of our black women business experts that will give you targeted advice on your business.


  1. Breathe easier with one less thing to worry about in your business. Pro tip: Want the kind of accountability that lights a fire in your soul, and helps Sistahs achieve that first $100k and beyond?

Sign up for ongoing coaching with a Sistahbiz Breakthrough Membership.

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