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Black Girl Therapy: Breathe, Sis, Breathe Part II w/ Zee Clarke

In July, the break from the hustle and our charge to embrace silence continues. This month, our therapeutic session tailored for black women entrepreneurs is being led by member Zee Clarke, author of Black People Breathe, to learn powerful tools of resilience so that you can reduce your stress levels, especially when times get tough.  In this session, we will discuss what we do to rejuvenate, and we will immerse ourselves in self-care practices including mindfulness and breathwork so that we can find some peace and ease at work and in life. 

Recommended: Take 15 minutes prior to prepare a quiet space to sit or lay and consider adding the following to create a peaceful space:

  • A journal and pen
  • Comfortable seating and/or yoga mat to lie down
  • A blanket/pillow
  • A lit candle
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July 12, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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