A Black women entrepreneur showing an online platform, symbolizing empowerment and community support within Sistahbiz Workgroups.

How Sistahbiz Workgroups Empower Black Women Entrepreneurs


Join a Sistahbiz Workgroup

Sistahbiz Workgroups are the serious Black women founder’s gateway to actionable business planning within a community of like-minded founders. Alongside gaining essential business planning materials and tutorials, members benefit from peer consultancy, coworking, and group coaching. Plus, the app facilitates tracking your progress and setting deadlines.

Workgroups are categorized into three distinct experiences:

  • Book Studies: are a structured five-week reading journey, complete with a syllabus and assignments. Facilitators host monthly group discussions to delve into key insights and reflections. There are over a dozen business book studies in the Sistahbiz platform.
  • Action Plans: Action planning workgroup include strategic planning and hands-on learning on a variety of diverse business topics. The average time to complete an action plan is 2-4 weeks.
  • Business Challenges: Business challenges are for the low-hanging fruit work on your business. Each challenge is a seven-day venture of rapid tasks and assignments across various business domains, aiming for quick wins.

These groups are designed to facilitate not just work ON your business through a plethora of planning tools and tutorials, but offer support and community through peer consultancy, coworking, and group coaching. The app’s features, including progress tracking and deadline scheduling, help keep founders accountable to the work.

Contribute to Discussion Threads

Each workgroup boasts its own discussion thread, moderated by a group lead and a business coach, offering expert guidance and support. Members utilize these threads to maintain accountability by sharing progress, challenges, and achievements. This platform allows for the exchange of valuable feedback among members and with Sistahbiz coaches, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Incorporate Deadlines into Your Schedule

Making plans a reality is what Sistahbiz is about. The simple act of scheduling is pivotal in transforming plans into action. If it ain’t on the calendar, it’s not real. Workgroups offer the functionality to add task deadlines directly into a founder’s calendar, ensuring progress and focus on priority tasks. 

Participate in Study Halls

Leveraging live study halls is where it gets deep. Sure, our members may have done similar work in other programs, but study halls are dedicated sessions for live coworking, consultancy, and interaction with group leads or business coaches. This is where coaches and peers challenge you to validate, question, and explore more deeply. By attending these members-only sessions, members not just holding themselves accountable to complete the work, but pushing  to do their BEST work. The kind that transforms the business and shows up in the bottom line.

Navigate with The Roadmap

If a founder needs a more structured guide through the business content, Sistahbiz offers a roadmap guide for our 12-Module Design for Profit Curriculum. It serves as a clear pathway for business planning. This roadmap guides members through business design, strategic planning and goal setting content in the app. When members join the network, they gain access to the roadmap guide and get started right away.

Connect with a Business Bestie

Business ownership can be lonely. It is more rewarding with companionship, and Sistahbiz encourages the formation of meaningful connections. Within the app’s “For You” page, you are introduced to potential business besties. Whether bringing along a familiar face or meeting new ones at live events, having a business bestie increases accountability and motivation to finish each workgroup and dedicate CEO time to working ON the business.

There’s no arguing that for $49 a month, this feature alone is a steal for a membership. Check out the Suite app today. There are a dozen other cool features in addition to the workgroups in our online learning and planning platform for Sistahbiz Members.

Log in today at https://app.sistah.biz/signup. We saved you a seat, Sis.


Makisha Boothe

Makisha is Head Business Coach and founder of Sistahbiz Global Network. She specializes in rapid improvement and innovation, and helps women with business startup and design.

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