Somewhere along the way...

you started to believe do-it-yourself meant


And that’s a recipe for more long nights, lots of disappointment and less money .

And ain’t nobody got time for that.

You’ve got a story to tell, a business to run, and waves to make in this world.

Growing a successful business is not easy.

And if you’re doing it alone like so many other sistahs out there, you’re probably feeling…

  • Stressed about what goals to prioritize or what to do next.
  • Worn out by negative people who just don’t “get” what you’re trying to do.
  • Overwhelmed and juggling ‘all the things’ and no time left to work ON the business.

And what makes matters worse sis…

You don’t just end up making less money and moving slower than you’re capable of, you start to question why you even started in the first place.


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You need an empowered community full of practical resources, accountability, and women that look just like you.


Look, you know nobody knows, understands, and just “gets” black women like other black women.


The barriers we face, the struggle bus we ride, plus all of our shared experiences including running a business, is just different.

With a tribe of like-minded businesswomen, you get the healing and safety of a sister circle. You also get a badass boss tribe that wants the best for you and can actually help you get it.

In the Sistahbiz Global Network, our members buy from each other, invest in each other, and participate in active goal-getting together.

And when you join the sistahood, you’ll get access to everything you need to move mountains in your business.

Everything you need like:

  • The ability to log in to a private portal and access tools, training replays and more on your time.
  • Access to vetted business service providers like accountants, attorneys and marketing experts.
  • Group collaboration for daily, weekly, and monthly accountability so you “get ish done”.
  • Access to capital and a bulletin board with funding leads.
  • Coaches who help you find focus and direction so you know your exact next steps.

Tools for business growth.. Accountability. Sistahood.

No need to beg for a seat at the table,

we made our own.

Sistahbiz Global Network provides black women business owners with free and low-cost coaching, training, technical assistance, capital, and a sistahood to ensure your success.

We are a collection of business leaders, coaches, financial advisors, lawyers, aestheticians, doulas…

...the list goes on...

We are black women, sistahpreneurs all together with a common goal of helping you step fully into your season of dopeness.

You see, success in business is about so much more than just a great product.

You need resources. You need human and financial capital. You need a repeatable blueprint to achieve your goals. And most of all you need a listening ear and guidance to help you if you’ve veered off path.

We've got sistahs winning in business from Denver, Colorado to Atlanta, Georgia from Houston, Texas, to Chicago, Illinois, and New York City. We've even have Sistahs in the UK!


Here’s what you get when you join us for a

Sistahbiz monthly membership today:


A Treasure Trove of Plug’n’Play
One download a month from our library including tools, templates, checklists, and swipes so you can Google less and accomplish more.

(A $600 value)


Make it Happen Masterclasses
that provide ‘no excuse’ accountability and actionable tips from expert members no matter where you’re located. You’ll learn things like best practices for branding, how to set up your technology stack even if you struggle with computers, when you need a lawyer, and more. Replays included.

(A $450 value)


Local Events
hosted by expert ambassadors to provide real-time support, networking, and community on your entrepreneurship journey. You’ll also have multiple opportunities to expand your professional network and generate leads for your business.

(A $450 value)


Financial Support
You’ll get access to funding opportunities via our regularly updated Funding Bulletin Board. Learn how and where to apply for the grants, loans, and RFP’s many sistahpreneurs needlessly miss out on. You’ll learn the skills you need to apply for and win pitch competitions.

(A $500 value)


Directory Access
You’ll have access to a directory of vetted service providers and business coaches. We are all the way here for creating a space to get things done. Our sistahs collaborate, learn from, and refer each other to their networks.

(A $200 value)


Black Girl Therapy Sessions
Black women face unique challenges handling the responsibilities of daily life, growing families, and running businesses. These sessions provide a safe space to discuss the challenges affecting your well-being and, ultimately, the level of success you believe you deserve.

(A $100 per month value)

You’ll Also Access Members-only Retreats, Brunches, & Prizes!

When you sign up today you’ll unlock:

  • Exclusive access to annual gatherings like our Business Breakthrough Brunch and our Goal Digger Business Planning Retreat.
  • Chances to win rewards, prizes, free business services, and more.

And that’s not all Sis...

With Sistahbiz’s community of knowledgeable, like-hearted sistahs, you’ll find:

  • Focus & Direction to escape analysis paralysis, discover what to prioritize, and finally identify your exact next steps to accomplish your business goals.
  • Emotional Support from women that have been in your shoes and understand the racial, gender, and experiential challenges you face.
  • Conviction of Purpose so you always remember why you started and give yourself the credit for how far you’ve come. You’ll gain the confidence to never have to seek outside validation of your purpose again.

You’ve Got a Story and a
Higher Calling to Serve

Join a like-hearted community of sistahs building and growing sustainable wealth.

How It Works


Sign up and check your email for a login to our private online community.


Login, introduce yourself at the Pink Table forum and complete your profile.


Tour the online community, access resources and tools and register for events and activities.

Here’s what Sistahbiz members are saying…

Come for healing... Come for focus...

Come for accountability... Come for direction...

Come for safety... Come for structure...

Come for funding... Come to find your next move...

Calling All goal-getters!

This community is hands-down the largest resource for black women entrepreneurs available anywhere. Sistahbiz exists to provide the resources to help you cut the line on success. It won’t be easy! You simply get to skip the rookie mistakes so many sistahs spend years figuring out.

Finally, check off that to-do list and accomplish the business goals closest to your heart.

Sign up today for a Sistahbiz basic membership plan.


$29 per month

  • Directory Networking
  • Discussion Forum
  • Business Library
  • (1 new Download/Month)
  • Monthly Events
  • Event Replays

Sistahbiz Global Network is for you if...

Sistahbiz is right for you if any of these are true for your business:

  • Is active and legally registered with a business bank account.
  • Is currently selling products and/or services.
  • Needs repeatable processes and organization that will help you scale to 7-figures and beyond.
  • Can benefit from boot camps, retreats, group learning, networking events, fresh business leads, and working with like-minded business-savvy women.
  • Needs support because your dreams are big but your circle is small.


Can I get personal business coaching through Sistahbiz Global Network?

Yes, for an additional fee, members of the Sistahbiz community gain access to a pool of business coaches.

What if I can’t attend the monthly virtual events?

No problem. Replays are available to watch anytime that’s best for you.

I’m trying to scale my business to 7-figures, can Sistahbiz help with that?

Absolutely! Sistahbiz is for you whether you’ve been in business for 2 years or 10. Our ambassadors and coaches are hand-picked experts that understand exactly what you need to grow to your next level.

What is included with my Sistahbiz membership?

Here’s what you get when you sign up for a Sistahbiz membership today:

  • Our Business Library Loaded up with tools, templates, checklists, and swipes.
  • Monthly Online Masterclasses with replays for accountability and tips and tricks from experts.
  • Local Events to provide real-time support, networking, and community.
  • Financial Support so you learn how and where to apply for grants, loans, and RFP’s.
  • Business Directory Access of vetted service providers and business coaches.
  • Black Girl Therapy Sessions that provide a safe space to discuss the challenges that affect your well-being and ultimately your business.

Plus, these bonuses…

  • Exclusive access to annual gatherings like our Business Breakthrough Brunch and our Goal Digger Business Planning Retreat.
  • Chances to win rewards, prizes, free business services, and more.

Will this work for me if I haven’t started my business yet?

How does billing work?

When you sign up today you’ll be billed today and receive instant access. You’ll receive a recurring charge each month on the day you signed up until you cancel.

How do I cancel my plan?

Networking with Intention

Just listen to these stories of how being part of our tribe of black women business owners has helped women grow both personally and on their entrepreneurial journey.

Regina Groff

"Years ago, when I first began my business journey I was excited and felt unstoppable, but as time passed and life happened, I put it on the back burner where it laid dormant until now. After working with Makisha, it felt like a weight was lifted because she helped clarify my goals, define my purpose and re-imagine the potential outcomes.

My outlook is changed and I'm once again excited about the direction of my business and the realization of my goals. As Makisha reminded me, "You have something people need, our kids need. You have to do this."

Commission ED

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you no longer need access to free resources and a community of like-hearted sistahs, simply cancel your membership at any time.

Ready to get Started?

If for any reason you no longer need access to free resources and a community of like-hearted sistahs, simply cancel your membership at any time.


$29 per month

  • Directory Networking
  • Discussion Forum
  • Business Library
  • (1 new Download/Month)
  • Monthly Events
  • Event Replays

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