Unstoppable Grant Fund

Unstoppable Grant Fund

Covid-Relief and Recovery Fund for
Black Women in Business

Status: Applications Closed

Available Deadline Application Review Notifications Awards Given
March 1stMarch 24thMarch 26th - April 2ndApril 5thApril 2021

About Unstoppable
The Unstoppable Grant Fund is intended to support Black women entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Black women business founders and entrepreneurs face the challenge of low venture capital funding, but the costs incurred in pivoting services or closing temporarily to meet social distancing guidelines and lockdowns only widens this gap further. The Unstoppable Grant Fund seeks to address these issues by providing financial support, technical assistance, and coaching for Black women entrepreneurs in the United States. Black women continue to be resilient on their entrepreneurial journeys despite the disparities and barriers, so we named our fund in recognition of their strength and power.

Grant amounts are $2500 per recipient.

Western Union Black Advisory Council

Criteria to Apply

Located in the U.S.

Your business must be based in the United States.

Open for Business

The business is currently in operation and serving clients or customers.

Black women in business clinic checklist
Business Legally Registered

You can provide good standing proof of business.

Black women in business dollar image
Pandemic Impacts

Demonstrated hardship or additional business costs due to COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can apply even if you have previously applied. If you were previously awarded, you must have submitted the required reporting documents last year and engaged with Sistahbiz in some way since receiving the award.

There are several questions in the application that asks for links to documents. In order to provide a link, you need to put a copy of the document in a location that can be accessed by the public like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon Web Services storage. You usually need to change the permissions to public access so look out for that. Copy the link to the document and then paste the link into your Unstoppable application.

If you just can't figure it out, email your documents to [email protected] with your full name so we can attach your documents to your application. Please do not fill out the application more than once. 

You don’t have to be a member; however we recommend becoming a member to access training, network business support, tools, and resources.

After application submission, application reviews take place through April 2nd. See the timeline above.

Unfortunately not. We receive hundreds of applications and will only notify those who have been awarded.

You need to send your headshot, bio, and an online invoice for payment with 72 hours of notification. Details about how and other paperwork will be included in the email communication.

After being awarded, you must spend down the amount awarded within 60 days. You are required to turn in a narrative report via email with receipts for grant expenses within 75 days of receiving the award. You will also receive details to schedule your two coaching sessions: one with a Sistahbiz coach and one with a Sistahbiz accountant for cash flow consultation.

Coaching sessions are not mandatory.

Payment method will be electronic funds transfer via Cash App, Zelle, PayPal, or bank ACH.

You can get a certificate of good standing from the business filing agency in your state. In many cases, you can get a copy of this online from your secretary of state office (or one of its subdivisions). However in some cases, you'll need to find the equivalent agency that's responsible for filing entities and maintaining state records.

Yes you must submit financial statements or sales reports or any other documents that show proof of revenues and/or revenue loss or impact.

No, only one business grant application per person.


About SistahBiz

Our mission is to provide Black women entrepreneurs with free and low-cost coaching, training, technical assistance, access to capital via our loan and grant funds, and a community that understands their journey in entrepreneurship first hand. We aim to increase the number of black women entrepreneurs who own profitable, scalable, sellable businesses. We work daily to create cohorts of Black women millionaires annually. Our vision is a world where racial equity gaps in entrepreneurship don’t exist.

Last year in 2020, Sistahbiz awarded $85k+ in grant funds to Black women business owners. With local networks in Colorado, Texas, DC and the UK, our village of Black women entrepreneurs is building a global presence and working together to coop, collaborate and support each other. 

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