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7 Surprising Realities to Unlock SEO Success

Black Women Winning Government Contracts

No one told me how important SEO was, or even what the term meant. Instead, I learned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through lots of self-study on online marketing. I want to  save you some time and offer you the fruits of my learning curve if you’re just beginning your journey to increase your Google…

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3 Types of Automated Email Every Business Owner Should Send

Automated Email Black Women in Business

In the Sistahpreneurs Online Village, I’ve focused some of our business chats on automated email marketing and email drip campaigns. A drip campaign is basically a triggered email series that can be designed to respond to customer behaviors with a targeted, pre-scheduled email series. Drip campaigns can be complex for the novice, but there are…

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4 Lies Mompreneurs Tell Themselves About Their Worth and Success

Black Women Mompreneurs

Dear Mompreneur, Think about your day at a glance. The early start and late ending, the fires you put out, the random unexpected turns, the 40 directions that the kids, the business, the man, and the family have pulled you in. Then let’s not forget the boards we sit on, the service projects, the bills,…

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