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Sistahbiz Spotlight on Krystal Covington

Krystal Covington is the founder of Women of Denver. The organization hosts workshops and summits each year to help their growing community of women sharpen business skills and connect with other like-minded women. We love Krystal's savvy way of bringing diverse women from all walks of life together in one room where everyone feels included and welcome. Her huge impact on women in Denver has sparked this Sistahbiz feature. Women of Denver has grown into...
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7 Must-Attend Conferences for Black Women Entrepreneurs

A weekend full of inspiration and motivation can do wonders for Black women that own their own businesses! Being around a village of dreamers and doers filled with #blackgirlmagic could be just what you need. Whether you are ready to start your entrepreneurial journey or have been in the game for a few years, here are a few must attend conferences for us Sistahpreneurs: Afrotech 2019 November 7 – 10, 2019; Oakland, CA Afrotech is...
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7 Self Care Practices for Black Female Entrepreneurs

For black women entrepreneurs, our self-care is vital. We spend so much of our time caring for the needs of others and our businesses that it is easy to put ourselves on the back burner. Here are a few self-care practices to help you refuel. 1. Find your tribe As a Black female, and even more so as an Entrepreneur, it is vital to surround yourself with like minded sisters! Support, encouragement, and motivation can...
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The 7 Deadly Sins of Logo Creation

Entrepreneurs who get over-consumed with building a website and logo are often putting the cart before the horse. You should map out your brand promise, brand personality, ideal customer, and product value first before worrying about visual design. However, once your foundation is laid and it’s time to produce a logo, make us all proud, Sis. Avoid these 7 rookie moves that leave your logo screaming ‘amateur!’ Sin #1: You're careless with DIY design When...
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6 Moves to Position Yourself to Hire a Rock Star Team

The worst time to prepare to hire is when you badly need help. You should always operate your business as if someone else is going to run it without you present. This means you put structures in place to systematize, train and manage a team over time - not when the house is on fire. These structures, when built well, can set the tone for high performance. They can also help new employees quickly adjust...
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Networking While Black: Building a Cross-Cultural Power Network

Building a power network is about making a name for yourself and building a community of people who know and support you and your brand, who are willing to do business and enter partnerships with you, and who send business your way. Oftentimes, building this kind of power network this means that stepping outside of the Black community is not only necessary but lucrative. In this global economy, building cross-cultural connections are must. Below are...
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Black Hair, Skin and Body Care Businesses in Denver

Denver Metro is consistently ranked as one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation. We continue to outperform the U.S. as whole with an unemployment rate is 3%, one of the lowest in the country. Great! Especially for the Black professional escaping the hustle of the urban cities in the east and north. Well...great until it’s time to get yo hair did. Moving to Denver can have its beauty and self-care challenges as a Black...
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Secrets for Testing Your Business Idea

Too often, I see our sistahs seeking the traditional method of business startup: get an idea, write a business plan, get funding, launch the business, and get ready for the bumpy drive and possible crash. Sounds pessimistic, but I’ve got some encouraging words of wisdom for the aspiring sistahpreneurs that might increase your chances of avoiding a crash landing. Validate your business idea. This means test it before you spend tons of cash, before you...
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5 Business Model Changes that Can Generate More Revenues

Your business is going nowhere fast without a profitable and sustainable business model. Thinking more about the model - the value proposition, customer avatar, channels, revenue streams and other model components is key to your success. Many great business ideas die because the model was wrong - pricing, delivery, messaging the offer, wrong customer target, etc. Check out these ideas for tweaking or pivoting on your model to make sure your great idea thrives as...
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