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Plan for Profit & Growth

Expanded Business Plan (Detailed)

Plan your business for the future and secure funding.

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Sistahbiz Business Plan Template

Brand Foundations Planner

Define the personality of your business for customers. 

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Sistahbiz Brand Foundations Planner

Pricing Strategies Bundle

Position your pricing for target customers and competition.

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Sistahbiz Pricing Strategies Bundle

Ideal Customer

Understand your business customers to land the sale.

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Ideal Customer Kit

Operate Your Business Efficiently

Master Trello Board + 4 Back Office Planners

Get your docs, files, money, people, time, tech and space together from start to finish.

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Master BOB Trello Board with 4 Planners

Back Office: Managing Docs + Files

Set up a filing structure, routine, and more to find what you need in a timely manner.

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Back Office : Managing Docs and Files

Back Office: Managing Money

Fix your business money issues like overdue accounts receivables and poor cash flow.

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Back Office: Managing Money

Back Office: Managing People +Time

Take control of your processes for managing talent and time + bonus meeting agendas.

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Back Office: Managing People and Time

Back Office: Managing Tech and Space

Assess your business IT, hardware, and software needs and create a plan of attack.

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Managing Tech and Space Planner

Market and Sell to More Customers

Website Planner Trello Board

Use this planner to organize everything needed to design and build your website.

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Sistahbiz Website Planner

Social Media Content Trello Board 

Prepare and organize your content for posting across social media platforms.

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Sistahbiz Social Media Content Organizer

Product Launch Campaign Planner

Plan and design your workflow strategy to increase sales for your business products and services.

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Product Launch Campaign Planner

CRM Sales Automation Bundle

Create efficiencies with this bundle of sales swipe files, templates, and a guide to automation.

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CRM Sales Automation Bundle

Finally, Affordable Sales Techniques!

Download your free guide to affordable and practical ways to bring in more customers.

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