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SistahBiz Spotlight on Toi Massey

Our SistahBiz spotlight for this week is Toi Massey. This inspiring sistah is a mechanical engineer, nuclear physicist, and black belt! She does not play! Toi Massey is well known for her efforts to help children from all backgrounds gain access to resources through her STEAM education program at the JEKL Foundation. Her consulting agency, ANM Innovative Solutions, is a full service consulting team that specializes in optimizing business outcomes through strategy, risk & opportnity...
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6 Steps to Onboarding New Clients for Service-Based Businesses and Consultants

Marketing and securing a sale can take up a lot of time and focus. But after you’ve gotten the sale and won a client, do you have a process for bringing them on board as a new client? It can be easy to let this part of your customer experience slide or to not have a systematized process in place, especially if you’re providing a service as a solopreneur or with a small team. And...
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Government Contracting: Are You Prepared?

The U.S. is the world’s largest customer, purchasing $425 billion in goods and services each year. The federal government aims to spend close to a quarter of that budget on the goods and services that small businesses provide, so  securing a government contract can be a huge boost and opportunity for your business. You may already have some agencies in mind to collaborate with as a potential government contractor, but are you prepared for the...
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Black Women Building Social Capital: 10 No-No’s

To build a successful business, you'll need to have more than financial capital (the funds) and human capital (the team). You also need social capital (the relationships). Coined by social scientist Alexis de Tocqueville and made popular by political scientist Robert Putnam, the term ”social capital” describes the richness of your interactions with other people — in other words, the connections, the information, and the resources that your various relationships offer you and your business....
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Sistahbiz Spotlight on Gerri Howard

Gerri Gomez Howard is the She-EO of the Gomez Howard Group (GHG), an integrated marketing and communications firm that specializes in developing and implementing initiatives that promote important social issues and engage diverse, multicultural audiences.  Gerri enjoyed an 18 year career in television working for KCNC-TV a CBS station in Denver where she led the community relations department. Since launching her firm in 2005, some of GHG’s clients have included International Golf Tournament, Cleo Parker...
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The 3 Most Important Types of Media for Digital Marketing

Attempting to build a successful business without marketing is like attempting to drive a car without gas. Marketing is an essential component of business success, and with increased online competition and 4.1 billion internet users worldwide, the decision to create a digital marketing strategy for your business is a no-brainer.  Digital marketing as a whole includes a variety of different digital platforms, but regardless of which ones your business decides to employ as part of...
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Sistahbiz Spotlight on Sonaya Williams: The CEO Partner

The founder of The CEO Partner®, a systems driven, profits-obsessed, Digital Project Management agency that helps smart CEOs grow their business and meet their goals.   Sonaya started her service based business in November of 2011 while still working full-time in Corporate America as a Senior Financial Systems Analyst. Since then, she has built a six-figure consulting agency and learned a ton of good and bad lessons along the way. We had a chance to catch...
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90-Day Take Back My Power Challenge

A couple of years ago, I decided to invest heavily in the study of success mindsets and found that managing your thoughts and mental state was a key success factor. I kept hearing from all of the greats how much mindset impacts any life endeavor, but it took me some time to realize that in terms of getting ahead, I was hyper-focused on skill, credentials, physical elements, and outside factors. When this focus didn’t bring...
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Sistahbiz Spotlight on Soaring Independent Cooperative

Soaring Independent is a black female-owned home care cooperative in Dane County, WI.  Georgia Allen and Josezette Bridges are the faces of this co-op, striving to offer quality home care services to elderly people and individuals with mobility issues. After being fed up with low wages, high turnover and low-quality care, Allen and a group of colleagues  started thinking about creating a business of their own. With the worker-owned concept, they knew that would increase...
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Make-or-Break Aspects of a Quality Video

  A recent study showed that there is a definite correlation between the quality of your video and a website’s conversion rate. While websites featuring low-quality video convert at 2.6%, websites featuring high-quality video convert at 7.6%.The quality of your video can make the difference between someone continuing through with your call to action or not being interested in your product.    The goal is to create high-quality content that drives traffic, engages audiences, and converts...
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