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Top Things to Consider When Outsourcing Your Social Media

  It’s no secret that social media is vital to brand awareness and sales tools for most businesses. Consumers who are influenced by social media are 4 times more likely to spend more on purchases, according to a Deloitte report. Moreover, the influence can be so high that 29% of consumers were more likely to make a purchase on the same day of using social media.   With all of the hats business owners juggle...
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Everything You Need to Know About the Instagram Features and How to Use Them

Sis, let’s be clear, social media for your business is necessary. Even if you are not a social media fan, you are missing out on a “free” way to promote your business to millions of people online if you are not using Instagram for your business. But I get it; if you don’t use this platform regularly, all of the available features can be stressful. Let me take some of the overwhelm off your shoulders....
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Black Women Entrepreneurs Whose Bold Moves Made History

Black women entrepreneurs start businesses as a means to create freedom for themselves and others. Because these women aren’t celebrities in the traditional sense, they’ve been easy to overlook. But not today, sis. Today you’ll learn the name of black women entrepreneurs whose bold moves made history. 1. Maggie Lena Walker Notable Quotes: “Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go.” First to the stage is Ms. Maggie Lena Walker, the first...
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Married Business Partners: 13 Tips From a Relationship Expert

  If there’s one thing everybody and their mama can tell you about running a business it’s, “don’t work with family!”  Family and business go together like oil and water, hot grease, and straightening combs (those who know, know).   You don’t have to think long to come up with examples of business and family gone wrong. But what about the couples that defy the odds? We all have that one mom-and-pop shop we love....
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How Business Owners Avoid Zoom Fatigue and Set Healthy Work Boundaries

  Anybody else just over virtual meetings?    Zoom fatigue is not a new phenomenon but it’s gained more popularity since the world went remote in 2020. Its older cousins go by the names of technostress and digital fatigue. These newish conditions are a form of burnout caused by technology that’s taking your energy.    Entrepreneurs may feel obligated to hop on Zoom because a client wants it. But this adds stress and distractions to...
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How to Create the Company Culture of Your Dreams

Creating a company culture is about building up a team environment that fosters joy, productivity, and results all at the same time. When you do this right, your people wake up excited to come to work and be in each others' presence; they also do great work, period. As a CEO, it's your responsibility to design this experience, and that's a big task! I'll share some tips below, but I also suggest that you read...
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An Insider’s Guide to Holiday Marketing Using Social Media

Hey Sis! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are all over, which means that the floodgates for holiday sales and holiday purchases are wide open! This is the time when Black-owned businesses everywhere should be in the thick of their holiday social media plans. Yes, that’s right–because the end-of-year holidays are just around the corner, and the rush of 24/7 Christmas music, gift shopping, and competitor promotions has kicked into high gear but...
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Kisha’s Favorites: The 2022 Sistahbiz Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for your black-owned, women-owned gift guide? I got you. Check out my favorites list and surprise your loved ones with beautiful goodies this year while supporting the black-owned business movement. For the Health Enthusiast From virtual fitness and yoga gift certificates to CBD remedies and herbal popcorn, this list will put a smile on the faces of your beloved wellness gurus. @fitandnu @thecristalline @samoralife​​ @pureheartjuice @azzizahsherbalgreenpopcorn @blacupuncturist  ...
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5 Amazing Black Woman-Owned Travel Brands to Support Right Now!

Goal Digger 2021 is right around the corner. So before you go, we wanted to share some of our favorite black woman-owned businesses that sell products that you should definitely have in your carry-on. Head over to their websites and order now so you’ll have it in time for Goal Digger 2021.  See you in Phoenix, Sis! BlackTravelBox Founded by Sistahbiz member Orion Brown, BlackTravelBox was started to give women of color a brand they...
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The 101 on Government Certifications for Minority and Women-Owned Enterprises

If you’re a longtime member of Sistahbiz or you’ve been reading our posts for a while, then you probably already know just how often I recommend pursuing government contracts as a way of scaling your business. There’s big money there, Sis, and if you can get your foot in the door at the state or federal level, then this will open up a lot of new opportunities for your company.  So, given the benefits on...
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