There’s Something About Her: Meet the Sistahbiz 2023 Cohort

Welcome to the world of the Sistahbiz 2023 Cohort – affectionately known as “The Dream Team”, this year’s cohort is a group of exceptional women entrepreneurs ready to take their small businesses to the next level. Each business is unique, and behind each mission-driven venture is an inspiring founder with a compelling story of resilience, power and possibility. We are honored to re-introduce these incredible women and their businesses to the community.

Taishya Adams – Mukuyu Collective

Taishya Adams is not only the CEO of Mukuyu but also a current Boulder City Council candidate, former parks and rec commissioner, and former head of Outdoor Afro. She’s a compassionate social justice leader committed to unity and progress. Mukuyu Collective specializes in organizational consulting and strategic planning, with a focus on environmental justice, sustainability, and social justice.

Arielle Cobb – Woodknots & Whimsey

Woodknots & Whimsey delivers subscription boxes for pregnancy, post-partum, and beyond, celebrating the strength of motherhood. Arielle brings sweetness and ambition to her entrepreneurial journey, creating goody boxes filled with custom spa products and curated maternity items.

Charlyn Elliott – Elliott By Design

Elliott By Design specializes in creating interactive videos for marketing, helping companies communicate complex ideas with simplicity. This founder’s passion lies in helping others clarify their messages through compelling videos, making her a valuable asset in the world of marketing.

Sarah Graham – Lessons In Liberation

Sarah Graham is a kind-hearted leader who plants seeds of justice nationwide. Her work has impacted organizations like the Matthew Shepard Foundation and KIPP Schools. Lessons In Liberation, under Sarah’s leadership, offers comprehensive social justice curriculum with a focus on LGBTQIA+ intersectionality.

Rev. Dr. Regina C. Groff – CommissionED

When organizations have programs that require workshop or training design, they call CommissionED. Led by Dr. Groff, the agency provides Fractional Chief Academic Officer and curriculum and program design services. Dr. Groff’s dedication to learning, growth, and organizational excellence is unmistakable, making her a standout consultant, keynote speaker and educator.

Amber Simon – Quivr

Quivr empowers women through pleasure coaching and educational resources, challenging stigmas and promoting sexual exploration for healing and growth. Amber Simon’s personal journey informs her transformative work, helping others find their voices and strengthen relationships.

Kim Ward – Eternal Balance Candles

Kim Ward is a gentle spirit with an unconventional approach to mental health advocacy, embracing creative entrepreneurship as a means of making a difference. Eternal Balance Candles is not just about candle wicks; it’s also about Kim’s wellness and mental health movement ignited by a product line of healing candles.

Sonay Williams – Sonay & Company

Sonay & Company is a team of copywriters providing email copy services for women-led companies, with a special focus on promoting girl power. Sonay Williams is dedicated to seeing women win, and her commitment to the girl tribe movement shines through in her work to help companies find their voice in email and pinterest marketing.

These remarkable women and their businesses are the essence of the Sistahbiz 2023 Cohort. As cohorts, they spent nine months in monthly cohort and 1:1 business coaching and deep dive business redesign work. Dive into their stories, explore their services, and be inspired by their unique qualities. #SistahbizMagic #TheresSomethingAboutHer

Makisha Boothe

Makisha is Head Business Coach and founder of Sistahbiz Global Network. She specializes in rapid improvement and innovation, and helps women with business startup and design.

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