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You’re On Track If Your Daily Focus Is In These 3 Business Areas

It can be tempting and easy to get in a daily grind that isn't getting results. Most often, it's because business owners are not super intentional about making sure every minute goes to value-add activities and tasks that are directly connected to goals and results. These three items below are where the majority of your time should go if you want to stop the hamster wheel grind and produce tangible revenue and client gains.  Existing...
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What It Looks Like When You’re Blocking Your Blessings

My great-grandmother always told us, “No one can take your blessings from you. You can give them away. But no one can take them from you.” Her words have always been a source of security and accountability for me. It’s been a reminder that if I do right, and stay on track, that all that life has to offer me and all that I am here to offer, will come to fruition. So here are...
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4 Emotions In the Way of Your Black Woman Millionaire Status

Emotion #1: Fear. Successful entrepreneurs take risks. They are typically calculated risks, but risks nonetheless. Sometimes you have got to trust the God-sent intuition that sits in your gut. Of course risk-taking alone won’t get you to where you want to be, but speaking up, stepping up, going against the grain, doing things differently, being unpopular and misunderstood, failure, blazing a new trail - these are all things that the world’s greatest achievers have endured...
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3 Rookie Moves to Avoid On Your Startup Journey

Rookie Move #1: Overspending. In the early days of a risky startup, the last thing we Black female entrepreneurs want to do for an unproven business model, particularly for new entrepreneurs, is shell out a bundle of dough for overhead and startup. Small business is tough. You’ll need to spend every penny wisely in order to stay competitive in today’s market. Yes, you will have to spend, but logic and timing are everything. Wait until...
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7 Surprising Realities to Unlock SEO Success

No one told me how important SEO was, or even what the term meant. Instead, I learned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through lots of self-study on online marketing. I want to save you some time and offer you the fruits of my learning curve if you’re just beginning your journey to increase your Google ranking. So let me pass on my a-ha moments. Before you brace yourself for amazing proclamations, know that my insights...
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3 Types of Automated Email Every Business Owner Should Send

In the Sistahpreneurs Online Village, I’ve focused some of our business chats on automated email marketing and email drip campaigns. A drip campaign is basically a triggered email series that can be designed to respond to customer behaviors with a targeted, pre-scheduled email series. Drip campaigns can be complex for the novice, but there are simpler ways to incorporate an automated email plan. There are also email platforms like Drip that help you set up your drip campaign....
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4 Lies Mompreneurs Tell Themselves About Their Worth and Success

Dear Mompreneur, Think about your day at a glance. The early start and late ending, the fires you put out, the random unexpected turns, the 40 directions that the kids, the business, the man, and the family have pulled you in. Then let’s not forget the boards we sit on, the service projects, the bills, church and the household chores. For my fellow single mothers, double the load in your vision. I had to do...
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Social Media Power Planning Step by Step

Promoting your business on social media outlets is a great idea, but if you don’t take a strategic approach, it can quickly become useless. Your social media marketing can also be a wasted effort if you don’t create routines and systems that keep you focused on value-adding, goal-aligned activities. This just means that when you post, post with purpose and aim for pre-defined results. Here are 12 steps you can put into place to ensure...
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3 Common Social Media Mistakes Solopreneurs Make

If you’ve made it a priority to get online and start social media marketing your business, then thumbs up to you, Sis!  Social media platforms are where millions of people go daily, several times a day to connect, explore, and shop. Before you get started, though, I want to share with you three mistakes that I often see sistahpreneurs making when they start using social media as a marketing tool. So take heed and use...
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What Would Olivia Pope Do? Business Lessons from Our Beloved Black TV Characters

I look everywhere for business coaching teachable moments. I love my favorite Black tv show nights, whether I’m keeping up from week to week or binging at the end of a season with popcorn and wine, you know, Olivia Pope-style. I love supporting Black female leading actresses, and I like the entertainment and drama, but a speaker at One Church LA said something profound in a recent sermon. He said, “God doesn’t show you other...
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