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Black Female Entrepreneurs, Team Up for Rapid Business Growth

I know, I know - You got this! You're one of those savvy, go-getter-type Black female entrepreneurs on a mission. You have a vision for your dream business, and you know that your smarts, your passion, and your experience will get you there. So you’re charging full speed ahead on your solo journey to make that dream happen. That’s what I’m talking about! But like Beyonce said: hold up, Sis. Consider the many ways that...
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Startup Diary of a Black Woman Entrepreneur

The sweet aromas of a great, chilled wine and a home-cooked meal are usually connected to leisure, but for my girlfriend and I, they also mean business. Glass in hand at her kitchen island, it was a cool summer evening, and I was doing less cooking and more venting. See, we were at her place in sweats and high bun ponytails for a girls’ weekend because we were both in the midst of leaving our...
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The 14-Day Google Challenge

Girl, get focused. Get organized. Get it done. Get sanity. Get your time back, honey.   How? Get Google.   I was conducting my normal end of year strategic planning process. As part of the process, I typically look at what I can reorganize in my life for higher levels of efficiency in the new year. I took a look at my inefficiencies in scheduling, filing and note-taking. Girl, I have two words for it....
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Finally, Affordable Sales Techniques!

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