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You’re On Track If Your Daily Focus Is In These 3 Business Areas

It can be tempting and easy to get in a daily grind that isn’t getting results. Most often, it’s because business owners are not super intentional about making sure every minute goes to value-add activities and tasks that are directly connected to goals and results. These three items below are where the majority of your time should go if you want to stop the hamster wheel grind and produce tangible revenue and client gains. 

Existing paying clients.

Please know that the underlined italics below “paying” are intentional. I’m not speaking of your pro-bono work, the work you did for next to nothing to get your name out there, the clients who were your test run clients. I’m speaking of paying clients. Money in the bank. They. Come. First. Make them happy. Serve them quickly and well. Follow up. Ask them to buy again. Think back on today and yesterday. How much of your time went to directly serving paid clients? Do you track your client hours? I color-code my calendar of appointments GREEN for this work.

Follow-up on current leads.

Consistent, ongoing business is dependent upon active engagement of a robust leads pipeline. You must always be courting the next wave of business while serving paying clients. Do you have goals for the number of follow-up touches you need to convert a lead to a client? Do you have a reminder tool and a tracking system for following up with prospective clients until you close the deal? I color-code my calendar appointments YELLOW for this area.

Generating new leads.

Marketing and networking are key ways to generate new leads. Find your client magnet secret sauce – the strategies that consistently attract your numbered goals for ideal clients within your budget. Finding the right secret sauce for attracting and retaining clients requires that you know who your ideal client is – the one who is hungry for your product and willing to pay. Next, you’ll need to know where to find them. Finally, you’ll need a great sales message and value offer, and you must understand their needs and pain points. These things will help you make an authentic connection with clients. So what portion of your time is dedicated to marketing, building brand awareness, and networking so you can generate leads and reach your ideal client market? I color-code this area in my calendar PINK.

Be sure to build solid systems and strategies for these focus areas. The best way to stay committed to these focus areas is to build daily routines and systems for them. Block undisturbed, uncompromised time for them. Execute on them like clockwork, and track them in an official CRM or color-code them in your calendar. This allows you to take a look at your calendar or system and actually see if you’re staying true to these money-generating activities.

Yes, operations is important, team-building – important. Inventory – important. However, they are auxiliary functions for your primary money-making activity and should be managed as such. You don’t need inventory when you don’t have clients to sell to. You can’t hire a team if you have no paying customers. Keep your eye on the prize and the coin, Sis.

Makisha Boothe

Makisha is Head Business Coach and founder of Sistahbiz Global Network. She specializes in rapid improvement and innovation, and helps women with business startup and design.

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