How Sistahbiz Workgroups Empower Black Women Entrepreneurs

A Black women entrepreneur showing an online platform, symbolizing empowerment and community support within Sistahbiz Workgroups.

  Join a Sistahbiz Workgroup Sistahbiz Workgroups are the serious Black women founder’s gateway to actionable business planning within a community of like-minded founders. Alongside gaining essential business planning materials and tutorials, members benefit from peer consultancy, coworking, and group coaching. Plus, the app facilitates tracking your progress and setting deadlines. Workgroups are categorized into…

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Avoid Scope Creep With Ease

A black woman frustrated by scope creep, is reviewing a project scope document on her laptop, with papers and coffee cup on the side.

    Oh, the Drama of Avoiding Scope Creep. I coach hundreds of Black, women entrepreneurs each year on how to avoid scope creep. Scope creep is wreaks havoc in their service-based businesses. It refers to the uncontrolled or unplanned expansion of a project’s goals, deliverables, or requirements beyond its initial scope, which can lead…

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How to Create the Company Culture of Your Dreams

Creating a company culture is about building up a team environment that fosters joy, productivity, and results all at the same time. When you do this right, your people wake up excited to come to work and be in each others’ presence; they also do great work, period. As a CEO, it’s your responsibility to…

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An Insider’s Guide to Holiday Marketing Using Social Media

Holiday Sales Guide by Sistahbiz

Hey Sis! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are all over, which means that the floodgates for holiday sales and holiday purchases are wide open! This is the time when Black-owned businesses everywhere should be in the thick of their holiday social media plans. Yes, that’s right–because the end-of-year holidays are just around…

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Securing the Bag Means Securing Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance

Why You Need It One of the key strategies for growing your small business is to land larger business-to-business (B2B) deals, like government contracts or retail deals with big box retail companies like Target or Walmart. If this is what you’re aiming for, though, then it’s crucial to have your back office and regulatory affairs…

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5 Tips for Starting Your YouTube Channel

videos on YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel can be intimidating for a lot of entrepreneurs or business owners, but it can be an invaluable tool for building and expanding your audience. Videos can help you show off your expertise and your personality, which helps to build trust between you and potential clients/customers. If you’ve been wondering about starting…

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