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7 Black Women Owned Clothing and Apparel Lines

Black culture has always been a leading influence in the fashion and design industry. Black-owned brands are growing in number and popularity. If you’re a melanin woman who loves to dress to impress from head to toe, why not get your fleek on with linens designed by our very own?!  Below are 7 up-and-coming clothing…

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6 Moves to Position Yourself to Hire a Rock Star Team

Social Media Management

The worst time to prepare to hire is when you badly need help. You should always operate your business as if someone else is going to run it without you present. This means you put structures in place to systematize, train and manage a team over time – not when the house is on fire.…

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Networking While Black: Building a Cross-Cultural Power Network

Networking While Black

Building a power network is about making a name for yourself and building a community of people who know and support you and your brand, who are willing to do business and enter partnerships with you, and who send business your way. Oftentimes, building this kind of power network this means that stepping outside of…

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Black Hair, Skin and Body Care Businesses in Denver

Black Hair Salons in Denver

Moving to Denver can have its beauty and self-care challenges as a Black woman. The dry climate can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. To compound matters, black hair care and body care products, stores and professionals can be a challenge to find. Don’t worry Sis, Denver Metro is consistently ranked as one of…

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Secrets for Testing Your Business Idea

Black Woman Business Owner Serving

Too often, I see our sistahs seeking the traditional method of business startup: get an idea, write a business plan, get funding, launch the business, and get ready for the bumpy drive and possible crash. Sounds pessimistic, but I’ve got some encouraging words of wisdom for the aspiring sistahpreneurs that might increase your chances of…

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5 Business Model Changes that Can Generate More Revenues

Black woman strategizing business

The business idea is a very important part of a business but you’re idea is going nowhere fast without a profitable and sustainable business model. Thinking more about the model – the value proposition, customer avatar, channels, revenue streams and other model components is key to your success. Many great business ideas die because the…

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7 Tips For Charging What You’re Worth

Black Women Charging Their Worth

Sis, are you struggling with charging what you are worth? Remember, you are not in business if you give away services and products – you’re only in business when you sell products and services. It’s your job to sell. If you’re not selling, it’s a hobby. If profit isn’t a goal, then start a non-profit,…

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You’re On Track If Your Daily Focus Is In These 3 Business Areas

Black woman entrepreneur time management

Existing paying clients. Please know that the underlined italics below “paying” are intentional. I’m not speaking of your pro-bono work, the work you did for next to nothing to get your name out there, the clients who were your test run clients. I’m speaking of paying clients. Money in the bank. They. Come. First. Make…

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What It Looks Like When You’re Giving Your Blessings Away

Black woman entrepreneur reflecting

My great-grandmother always told us, “No one can take your blessings from you. You can give them away. But no one can take them from you.” Her words have always been a source of security and accountability for me. It’s been a reminder that if I do right, and stay on track, that all that…

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4 Emotions In the Way of Your Black Female Millionaire Status

Black woman entrepreneur fears

Emotion #1: Fear. Successful entrepreneurs take risks. They are typically calculated risks, but risks nonetheless. Sometimes you have got to trust the God-sent intuition that sits in your gut. Of course risk-taking alone won’t get you to where you want to be, but speaking up, stepping up, going against the grain, doing things differently, being…

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