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What It Looks Like When You’re Blocking Your Blessings

My great-grandmother always told us, “No one can take your blessings from you. You can give them away. But no one can take them from you.” Her words have always been a source of security and accountability for me. It’s been a reminder that if I do right, and stay on track, that all that life has to offer me and all that I am here to offer, will come to fruition. So here are some key ways that I have learned to identify when I’m sabotaging my success and blocking my blessings.

You’re not listening and learning from your mistakes.

There are certain lessons, skills, and wisdoms that you need in order to be effective at walking in your purpose and really shining in your peak moments of success. If you don’t pick those lessons, skills and wisdoms up on the journey, the journey will repeat. You’ll know you’re in a stagnant place if you keep complaining about the same problems, the same barriers, or the same errors year after year. So when you are the common denominator, stop and take a look inward.

You’re learning the same lessons over and over.

If every failure or negative situation makes you feel like you are in an episode of Momento, Groundhog Day, or some other time-loop drama, perhaps your work is to find the lesson that you keep missing or failing to learn. Maybe you know the lesson but haven’t yet determined and committed to the specific actions or habits that would reverse those outcomes. Journaling, therapy, and other processing methods can help you tease out these negative patterns. If you’re trying to break patterns, it will take work and commitment, but you got this! Learn to embrace growth and reinvention. Both are key to your business advancement.

You’re not moving on leads and opportunities.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be victims of paralysis by analysis, compare-and-despair, and other tools for procrastination and excuses. Learn to jump! Even when things aren’t perfect, not “ready”, not clear. There are times when you have to go with what you have, Sis. Don’t busy yourself with getting ready so intensely, that you fail to take advantage of the customer, the deal, or the opportunity that is ripe and calling your name now. Don’t allow fear to paralyze you. Go for it.

You allow toxic or poor habits to overshadow habits of success.

Life is largely the compilation of your daily decisions, actions, interactions, and responses. Most of which lies within your control. No matter what set of cards life deals you, you can conquer by recognizing the power in your decisions, perceptions, actions, and reactions. Take inventory of your time and energy and see what types of habits and actions dominate your time. How many of your business routines are directly connect to your ultimate business vision and goals? How many of your daily self-care rituals give you the fuel you need to succeed? How do your relationships and social activities reflect where you want to be in your business? Ask yourself: am I consistent in creating and living out habits of success?

You want to seize control of your destiny? Focus your attention on your sphere of influence, and not only will you see results quickly, but you’ll also feel so much more empowered!

Makisha Boothe

Makisha is Head Business Coach and founder of Sistahbiz Global Network. She specializes in rapid improvement and innovation, and helps women with business startup and design.

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