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3 Types of Automated Email Every Business Owner Should Send

In the Sistahpreneurs Online Village, I’ve focused some of our business chats on automated email marketing and email drip campaigns. A drip campaign is basically a triggered email series that can be designed to respond to customer behaviors with a targeted, pre-scheduled email series. Drip campaigns can be complex for the novice, but there are simpler ways to incorporate an automated email plan. There are also email platforms like Drip that help you set up your drip campaign.

If you don’t use email much to market, and you feel overwhelmed — just start small. So here’s my challenge for you. Just set up the following three emails for automation and see how that works for you:

Automated Email #3: Welcome Email

When website visitors sign up for your newsletters, send an automated email – not a generic message. Send a welcome email with style. One that reflects your company’s personality and brand. Create an email that introduces your company and shares a bit about your mission and vision. Also, make sure the email shares all the “deets” of how customers can interact with you on social media and sign up for other opportunities. Say “hello!” with style and take full advantage of the spotlight, Sis.

Automated Email #2: Thank-you Email

Again, use your thank-you email to do more than just thank customers for their purchases. For instance, use this email to let your customer know how much you appreciate their business. Ask them for feedback using a survey link at the end of your thank-you email. Again, always take time to add flavor and personality with elements like humor or kindness.

Automated Email #1: Customer Service Inquiry 

Ever go into a store and no one was there to man the desk? After too long, you wonder if they know you’re around and if you’ll get helped. Well, this feeling is even more prevalent via email and web contact. Most web contact forms and email systems have a way to create an automated email. Create a notification of receipt for forms or email boxes that are designated for customer service. This lets a customer know you are there and ready to serve. 

An automated email adds a personal touch to standard communications in your business is a great way to acknowledge your customers, build relationships, and establish your brand. Learn more about email campaigns by tuning in to my Facebook livestream video in our Online Village. 

Makisha Boothe

Makisha is Head Business Coach and founder of Sistahbiz Global Network. She specializes in rapid improvement and innovation, and helps women with business startup and design.

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