The 7 Deadly Sins of Logo Creation

Entrepreneurs who get over-consumed with building a website and logo are often putting the cart before the horse. You should map out your brand promise, brand personality, ideal customer, and product value first before worrying about visual design. However, once your foundation is laid and it’s time to produce a logo, make us all proud,…

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Why Black Panther Hurts

Black Panther Movie Review

This weekend I went to see Black Panther along with thousands of other excited viewers. I went to see it twice. I was excited to be in a movie theater where my people came adorned in Afrocentric attire or all Black gear. As trailers rolled, the energy and rising anticipation for the movie was intoxicating.…

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6 Ways to Quit Flying Solo and Leverage Partnerships

Two Black women in business working

Strategic business partnerships give your business life! Are you on the grind daily to build your business and feeling the weight of that lonely and sometimes rough entrepreneurial journey? Stop flying solo, Sis. There are many ways to connect with other professionals and entrepreneurs to lighten the load, streamline efforts, share resources, and find others who…

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4 Lies Mompreneurs Tell Themselves About Their Worth and Success

Black Women Mompreneurs

Dear Mompreneur, Think about your day at a glance. The early start and late ending, the fires you put out, the random unexpected turns, the 40 directions that the kids, the business, the man, and the family have pulled you in. Then let’s not forget the boards we sit on, the service projects, the bills,…

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