Terrand Smith Leads Women Businesses in the Retail Game

Terrand Smith

We’re shining the spotlight on our Sis Terrand Smith. As a matter of fact she’s showing us a thing or two about how to prepare a strategy and execute a plan for getting more online sales this season as she brings her expertise to the Sistahbiz Retail Holiday Mastermind. Before we get into her advice,…

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Sistahbiz Spotlight on Kadija Taylor

Kadija Taylor

Meet Sistahbiz board member, Kadija Taylor, and see how she discovered her secret sauce.    Kadija is the broker and owner of Home & Sanctuary, a real estate and design company. Her passion is rooted in helping clients purchase homes and create spaces that reach beyond beauty and functionality and speak to the soul.  After graduating…

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Customer Service Begins with Leadership

Merely “6% of small businesses focus on keeping customers”, according to smallbiztrends.com. Seems strange, right? The researchers found that those businesses focused more on getting new customers than keeping the current ones. Nurturing current clients is much more cost-effective than attracting new clients. Forbes.com states that profitability increases with customer retention. So, making customer service…

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Document Management Tools for Your Small Business

Document Management Tools for Small Businesses

We’ve all heard the saying that time is money, right? Well, that’s doubly true in business, when it can feel like a million things are clamoring for your time and you know that every decision you make will have an impact. Time management is crucial here, and one of the most important things that you…

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Startup Diary of a Black Woman Entrepreneur

makisha boothe business coach headshot blog

The sweet aromas of a great, chilled wine and a home-cooked meal are usually connected to leisure, but for my girlfriend and I, they also mean business. Glass in hand at her kitchen island, it was a cool summer evening, and I was doing less cooking and more venting. See, we were at her place…

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The 14-Day Google Challenge

Black Women Business Blog

Girl, get focused. Get organized. Get it done. Get sanity. Get your time back, honey.   How? Get Google.   I was conducting my normal end of year strategic planning process. As part of the process, I typically look at what I can reorganize in my life for higher levels of efficiency in the new…

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